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9 Tips for Offsetting Rising Parcel Rates
In the face of labor shortages, inclement weather, and numerous other disruptive events, major parcel carriers have elected to pass rising costs on to the customer in the form of higher rates.

Why Single-Carrier Parcel Shipping Strategies Are Dead!
There are a variety of reasons why continuing to rely on a single major carrier is a very risky business.

The Rebound: What’s Ahead for Small Package Delivery
Listen in as Alan Amling discusses the future of small package delivery as e-commerce fulfillment heats up. ASCM CEO Abe Eshkenazi and SCMR Editorial Director Bob Trebilcock are hosts.

The IT Gap in 3rd Party Logistics Providers
This paper details how the IT Gap - or the gap between the technologies a 3PL provides and what a customer needs - is becoming a bigger problem as customers demand more agile fulfillment.

FedEx’s Move to Seven-Day Ground Delivery Raises Stakes in the Parcel Marketplace
To be sure, the recent decision to go to seven days by FedEx, as well as UPS’s plans to do so likely sooner than later, is largely influenced by Amazon, for sure.

Why Your Transportation Management System for Parcel Shipping Needs a Control Tower
Manufacturers who have implemented a TMS for parcel shipping benefit from Control Tower functionality, which means they can provide shoppers with the transparency they value.

40 Percent of Parcels Will Be Delivered Within 2 Hours By 2028
A recent Zebra Technologies study, the Future of Fulfillment Vision, surveyed omnichannel decision makers who anticipate disruptions led by drones, autonomous vehicles, and crowd-sourced delivery.

Efficient Parcel and Express Logistics Planning Solutions
Discover how Quintiq's intelligent planning and optimization solutions reduce costs and maximize operational efficiency.

Adding Value to Parcel Delivery
Latest research shows parcel delivery companies must adapt for empowered, digital consumers to face revenue challenges created by dramatically reduced mail volumes.

Matternet Partners with Mercedes-Benz to Create the Future of Delivery
Mercedes-Benz invests in Matternet to integrate vans and drones to change how people receive lightweight goods on demand; Matternet unveils its second generation drone.

Parcel Delivery Companies Must Adjust to Empowered Digital Consumers
Digitally connected consumers, looking for lower prices, greater convenience and a seamless experience in buying, receiving and returning products, are forcing companies and postal organizations to rethink traditional parcel delivery methods, research from Accenture shows.

Greyhound Package Express Utilizes Cloud Platform to Offer Compelling Same-Day Delivery Service
One Network Enterprises, and Greyhound Package Express (GPX) announced that GPX now offers its customers even more benefits with new enhancements to its service.

Amazon Developing a Uber-Style Delivery Service
In its ongoing effort to get packages to consumers as quickly as possible, Amazon may soon employ an Uber-like crowdsourced app that uses ordinary people as delivery drivers.

FedEx Isn’t Worried About Amazon or Uber Delivery
Having a uniformed person with proper identification showing up at your doorstep is an important issue for customers says Mike Glenn, executive vice president of FedEx.

UPS & FedEx Dominate the Parcel Market but There Are Opportunities for Regional and Niche Providers
Despite the stop and start nature of the economy, parcel market activity—on both the express and ground side—is actually flourishing. While volume growth has been slight, parcel carriers are taking this opportunity to adjust and invest in service offerings to best meet shipper needs.


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