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Mujin secures $85 million in Series C funding
Japan’s fastest-growing intelligent robotics company, Mujin, secures capital to pave the way for a new era of robotic automation.

Depalletizing and palletizing gain in flexibility
AI and vision technology are making robotic depalletizing and palletizing solutions more flexible, but master data on SKUs still needs attention, and palletizing needs proper buffering and sequencing of cases to optimize the pallet build.

Automated packaging lets opportunity flower
FloraCraft’s implementation of robotic, automated end-of-line packaging solutions gave it the throughput and cost efficiencies it needed to capitalize on growth opportunities.

EAM-Mosca announces Christian Wiethuechter as president and CEO
EAM-Mosca, a maker of automatic strapping equipment, names experienced leader

Lansmont Corporation donates product and packaging testing technology to MSU
With damage prevention at the core of Lansmont’s ethos, the in-kind equipment donations will include a TruMotion Acceleration Sled system, an updated data acquisition system, vibration table controller and software, shock table and controller, as well as next generation SAVER units.

Who wants to pay for a palletizer upfront?
The alternative is a robots-as-a-service system that replaces capex with a lease and guaranteed performance levels. Might be worth reading on.

Universal Robots predicts 2023 automation trends helping manufacturers meet New Year goals
The collaborative robot pioneer names January as “National Cobot Awareness Month,” spearheading new products and initiatives prompting manufacturers to address hiring woes and production challenges.

Columbia/Okura celebrates 1000th palletizing system
The 1,000th system will be sent to a customer in North Carolina, Cherry Farms Seed Co., with a unique crest on the arm to denote it as the 1,000th robot.

Automated palletizing pays for itself
Once viewed as cost prohibitive, facilities of all stripes and sizes can now find palletizing within their reach.

Robotics integrator Shape Process Automation partners with Mujin on palletizing automation
At Automate 2022 Show and Conference June 6-9 in Detroit, SPA and Mujin will showcase a Mujin-powered mixed-case depalletizing and palletizing solution

Palletizing Robots Bring New Level of Efficiency to North Shore Care Supply
The distributor of incontinence products was already using autonomous mobile robots in its picking operations. Now, robotic palletizing is speeding up receiving, taking labor out of the process and creating a safer work environment.

Regal Rexnord acquires Arrowhead Systems
Move expands conveyor offering into subsystems, palletizing.

Food manufacturer installs conveyor, improves working conditions
The conveyance system has minimized employee exposure to cold temperatures.

MiR teams with CSi palletizing to fully automate materials transport for CPG operations
CSi palletising introduces autonomous mobile robot (AMR) solutions with MiR’s new MiR1350 robots

A new take on dimensioning in the DC
Once confined to the shipping department, cubing systems are moving upstream to measure individual items and boxes as well as pallet loads to improve handling processes and cube utilization.


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