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Other Voices: Five supply chain tips to prepare for the future
Innovation makes it easier to identify waste and inefficiencies while meeting customer demands and minimizing operational disruption.

Other Voices: Getting to know the next generation of warehouse workers
Businesses must prepare to respond to ecommerce demand while ensuring the health and safety of their essential warehouse workers.

Other Voices: Propane supports sustainability goals and the bottom line
Sustainability initiatives must also make good business sense.

Other Voices: Automation as a complement, not a replacement of the human workforce
As part of the automation evolution, it is key to create an operating environment that combines excellent technology with an engaged and motivated workforce.

Other Voices: Mobile robots in the time of Coronavirus
No matter the current economic conditions, efficiency, quick deployment, and getting the most ROI will remain top priorities for those considering robotics and automation.

Other Voices: To reduce packaging costs, plan for every part
PFEP helps maintain a healthy supply chain as the foundation for short-term continuous improvement, long-term operational excellence, serving as a platform for communication and fine-tuning operations throughout a product’s life cycle.

Other Voices: To get the most out of robots, optimize your people
AMRs provide exciting new opportunities to improve efficiency, but DC operators still need to think creatively about the best way to use the technology in their operations.

Other Voices: How to meet peak product demand with efficient pallet flow rack
Dynamic racking speeds product loading and unloading, while minimizing labor and maximizing storage.

Other Voices: Shifting U.S. consumer behavior in the face of Covid-19
Consumers have been forced to navigate new channels to find goods, and merchants have to pivot to try new sales and delivery channels.

Other Voices: Safety managers must act now to prevent return-to-work injuries after Covid-19
People are no longer at full working strength, putting their bodies at risk. The world is about to see the biggest return to work program ever faced, and safety managers need to start building employees back up to the stamina they need to work safely.

Other Voices: Life after COVID-19 will require new thinking for new realities
Renewable diesel alternatives can be integrated into existing systems and equipment to reduce carbon emissions for heavy-duty fleets.

Other Voices: In times of social distancing, essential businesses turn to autonomous robots
Warehousing, logistics, and manufacturing companies look to autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to operate efficiently while maintaining the social distancing guidelines.

Other Voices: Balancing demand for faster and cheaper delivery in a socially responsible way
Social responsibility encompasses automation, green shipping, improving last-mile delivery, maintaining a positive workplace and more efficient planning.

Other Voices: Pest hot spots to monitor for improved inventory management
A proactive approach to pest management will help lower the risk of a pest infestation, which will in turn protect the bottom line.

Other Voices: For essential manufacturers, employee experience has never been more important
A connection to purpose carries significant weight when it comes to employee experience.


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