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A 360 Approach to Actionable Multi-Tier Supply Chain Visibility Using Cognitive Control Towers
Control Tower technologies have and continue to evolve, solutions vary widely in scope and depth, with systems traditionally only spanning transportation functions, but next-generation platforms are taking a far more holistic approach.

Matching Shuttle Technologies to Applications
Implementations of shuttle-based automated storage and retrieval systems for goods-to-person order fulfillment - particularly in direct-to-consumer e-commerce applications - are on the rise.

Enterprise Resource Planning Gains Ground Into the Supply Chain Management Sector
On track to hit $78.4 billion in revenues by 2026, the global enterprise resource planning market is increasingly making its way into the supply chain management sector, where companies are leveraging their ERPs to both manage the current uncertainty and plan for the future.

DSV Rises to the Challenge: Optimizes Complex Fast Moving Consumer Goods Supply Chain
When a multi-national FMCG Healthcare company approached DSV, a top global transport and logistics company, it had just opened a new warehouse, what the client needed was a concept DSV came to call freight management services.

MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics Visual Analytics for Supply Chain Design
The MIT CTL Supply Chain Design Initiative conducts innovative research to help companies adopt new supply chain design paradigms.

9 Tips for Offsetting Rising Parcel Rates
In the face of labor shortages, inclement weather, and numerous other disruptive events, major parcel carriers have elected to pass rising costs on to the customer in the form of higher rates.

FedEx’s Warnings Renew Concern About Global Slowdown
Shares of the delivery giant sank 21% Friday, wiping out $11 billion in market value, and dragging the broader market to its worst week since June, as the results fueled concern of weaker e-commerce and business-to-business activity.

Why a Possible Railroad Strike Would Cripple the Supply Chain and Encourage Inflation Fears
The cost of a rail strike is seen at $2 billion a day; ‘there aren’t enough trucks to handle that volume’ - for several days, the prospects for preventing a railroad strike or lockout rested with a handful of leaders from labor, industry and government, whose marathon talks led to a tentative agreement Thursday.

Not in My Backyard: Warehouse Edition
As warehouses spring up nearer to residential properties, those residents have begun to push back with a battle cry that’s hardly new to commercial real estate professionals: “Not in my backyard!”

How Dock Scheduling Software Saves Hours of Tedious Labor Related To Freight Billing
In this case study, we’ll touch on how dock scheduling software saves the transport manager at a major home furnishings retailer hours of tedious labor related to freight billing.

Today’s Post-Pandemic Parcel Delivery Marketplace
Three of our top parcel industry sources offer their respective takes on one of the most ubiquitous parts of freight transportation and logistics - parcel and last-mile delivery, and with providers and carriers continuing to have the upper hand over shippers, they suggest to leave no stone unturned when it comes to carrier selection and leveraging partnerships.

What’s Preventing Visibility in Multi-Tier Supply Chains?
With so many companies feeling the urgency to build resilience and better manage risk, with all the growing pressure to operate sustainability and with greater transparency on how and where products are manufactured and sourced, and with today’s ease and ubiquity for connectivity and information at one’s fingertips, what is preventing supply chain visibility?

The Difference between Procurement & Supply Chain Management and Why the Two Should Converge
Many companies globally have kept the procurement and supply chain functions independent of each other, consequently, they have not been able to leverage the efficiency of merging the two.

Supply Chain Disruptions Spur Procurement and Finance to Band Together
It’s great to talk about resilient and sustainable supply chains, but what do they look like in practice? And how do you achieve those goals?

How Automation Makes Handling Customer Inquiries Easy to Achieve With a Digital Assistant
Many of today’s modern enterprises are stuck having at least one full-time employee who lives and breathes the central email box, and their job is solely to open every email that comes into the enterprise and try to figure out what exactly the customer might be asking for.


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