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Loftware appoints Jim Bureau as president and Chief Executive Officer
New CEO to lead next stage of growth for enterprise labeling solution provider. Most recently Bureau served as CEO at JAGGAER.

Loftware enters global technology alliance with Toshiba
Agreement covers development, support, and approval of Toshiba drivers for Loftware NiceLabel labeling and print Solutions

Survey: cloud seen as preferred deployment method for labeling challenges
In survey of nearly 500 professionals, 71% of companies report cloud/hybrid will be preferred method for labeling in next three years

Loftware’s conference draws over 2,100 supply chain and labeling professionals
Convergence 2022 featured 45 sessions and 75 speakers, covering topics including cloud-based labelling, compliant labelling, and supply chain visibility.

Cloud Labeling: The safe and secure keys to improved business performance
Find out more about the host of new efficiencies you can realize by moving your labeling and other applications to the cloud

Marking and coding systems moves into a new era
Companies looking to use a Cloud-based unified approach to their marking and coding systems have options like never before.

Labeling in SAP Made Easy
Loftware works with leading organizations to automate labelling from SAP using a dynamic, data-driven approach that reduces risk, eases the pressure on the IT function and streamlines label templates.

2022 Top 5 Trends in Labeling
This report outlines the significant shifts in labeling that are impacting today’s businesses and global supply chains.

7 business-boosting benefits of cloud labeling
Learn how standardizing your labeling in the cloud can benefit your business.

Analyst Report: Managing Barcode Labeling Accuracy & Cloud
Download the report to explore these insights and discover how cloud-based data-driven labeling can streamline labeling processes, enable traceability and ensure labeling accuracy across your supply chain.

Loftware acquires PRISYM ID
Adds clinical trials labeling and regulated content management to Cloud-based platform

eBook: Enterprise Labeling for Dummies
Learn about the evolution of barcode labeling and the impact of labeling on a company's supply chain. Warehouse labeling solutions, labeling for inventory, free ebook download for barcoding

Analyst Report: Labeling Accuracy, Enabling Traceability & Your Supply Chain
Barcode labeling has evolved. Out of the box solutions will create a basic label, but will it be reliable, consistent and accurate?

VDC Analyst Perspective – Barcode Labeling, an Enabler of Supply Chain Success
VDC analyst, Richa Gupta will join Josh Roffman, VP of Global Product Management, to discuss managing labeling complexities, enabling traceability initiatives, and ensuring accurate consistent labeling.

Customer Label Demands: How Epson Manages Unique Label Requirements
Join us to hear how Epson, a Loftware customer and partner, standardized and integrated labeling with their WMS application and across their operations. You’ll learn how Loftware’s flexible, easy to use labeling solution allows Epson to adjust to complex customer labeling requirements.


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