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Consero’s 2013 Chief Procurement Officer Data Survey
This survey, presented in partnership with Vantage Partners, LLC, was developed in connection with an invitation-only event hosted by Consero Group LLC in January 2013 for a group of Fortune 1000 Chief Procurement Officers.

Logistics Management’s 29th Annual Salary Survey
The Logistics Management 2013 salary survey finds the highest salaries in logistics and supply chain management will be earned by those sticking to time-honored values: education, hard work, and company loyalty.

Concepts of Demand Management
The concept of demand management includes demand sensing, demand shaping, demand translation, and demand orchestration throughout the value network.

An Overview of Norfolk Southern’s 2012 Sustainability Report
This is Norfolk Southern’s fifth annual corporate sustainability report. It discloses the railroad’s significant environmental, economic, and social impacts to provide stakeholders a way to assess our commitment to corporate sustainability.

Integrated Demand Management: When Will We Start Using Downstream Data?
The availability of downstream data has never been higher, but the efforts to use it are stalled. The answer lies in rethinking processes end-to-end to use the data. The answers fly in the face of traditional thinking and will require active stewardship by manufacturing leaders that understand why it is important to drive outside-in processes.

Questions & Answers with Vitran Corporation President and CEO Rick Gaetz
Group News Editor Jeff Berman recently spoke with Vitran Corporation President and CEO Rick Gaetz about the North American less-than-truckload (LTL) market, Vitran’s recent divestiture of its Supply Chain Operation (SCO) 3PL subsidiary, and the freight economy, among other topics.

Amazon Beats Apple in Battle for Supply Chain Leadership
Global poll of over 1,000 executives reveals that the e-commerce giant is more admired than its Californian rival on all major supply chain attributes except innovation.

21st Century Solutions for Sourcing Services
The organizations and authors have teamed on this white paper to drive clarity around outsourcing business models and to help procurement, outsourcing professionals and commercial managers understand and use the appropriate sourcing business model to maximize their desired outcomes.

Microsoft/Accenture OneFinance
What happens when a world-class company discovers one of its key functions is less than world class? For software giant Microsoft, the answer is simple. They fixed it. In 2006, Microsoft embarked on a complete reengineering of its major global finance processes and operations.

World’s Biggest Cloud-based Business Network for Global Trade & Supply Chain Management
GT Nexus and TradeCard today announced that the companies have entered into a definitive merger agreement. The companies are leaders and pioneers in cloud-based technology platforms that link companies together in commerce networks.

The Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 for 2012
2012 marks the eighth year of our annual Supply Chain Top 25 ranking. The list includes some perennial leaders, but also offers up four new companies from which to learn, including two industrials, and an interesting newcomer to the top five.

Skills that Advance Supply Chain Management Careers
As individuals climb the career ladder in supply chain management, what leadership skills are important? Advice and comments from from industry executives from Dow AgroSciences, Caterpillar, and General Motors.


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