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2023 Parcel Express Roundtable: Shifting dynamics in a vibrant market
Three of our top parcel industry sources offer their respective takes on the most consumer-facing segment of freight transportation and logistics parcel and last-mile delivery. Even though pandemic-related conditions have changed, high pricing remains, which is increasingly putting shippers in the position of carefully considering their options.

New Armstrong report assesses last-mile logistics growth in the U.S.
The report, entitled “Making it Count”: Big and Bulky Last-Mile Delivery in the United States,” is the result of a partnership between Armstrong and the National Home Delivery Association (NHDA) and focuses on various trends and themes, including: the usage of independent contractors compared to employee drivers; customer and revenue trends by vertical industry; and the growing use of freight brokerage to source last-mile carrier capacity.

: Will Walker, Senior Marketing Manager, Roadie
For Atlanta-based Roadie, an on-the-way delivery service with the nation’s largest local same-day footprint, and subsidiary of UPS, there is always a heightened focus on final-, or last-, mile logistics. That is especially true at this time of the year, to be sure. LM Group News Editor Jeff Berman recently caught up with Roadie Senior Marketing Manager Will Walker to learn about how the company approaches the busiest time of the year.

CSCMP EDGE panel looks at the current state and potential for the final mile sector
The role of the final mile market and where it fits in to the overall logistics landscape were key themes at the “Final Mile Issues and Opportunities” session at the CSCMP (Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals) EDGE conference last month in Nashville.

The cold chain (r)evolution
While there have been recent changes in temperature-controlled logistics, known as “cold chain,” there are many of the same players remaining in the sector, but with some new people skills, processes and technologies.

Strategic partnership between NTG and Flexport focuses on supply chain visibility
Atlanta-based Nolan Transportation Group (NTG), a provider of non-asset, tech-enabled logistics and brokerage services, and a subsidiary of Transportation Insight, and San Francisco-based freight forwarding and customs brokerage services provider Flexport, said they are collaborating on a strategic partnership focused on integrating their respective technologies, with a focus on “greater visibility across supply chains.”

Evolving Customer Expectations in the Last Mile
65% of consumers are willing to pay more for faster delivery. Read the full report to understand how consumer's needs and expectations have changed in the Last Mile - #1 on their list: Faster Delivery!

New Bringg report addresses key factors needed for last-mile logistics success
A new report by Chicago-based Bringg, a data-led delivery and fulfillment cloud platform provider highlighted how logistics services providers are approaching their last-mile operations, with a focus on things like: growth strategy, bridging the gap between growing delivery trends; and current capabilities supported by technology in order to fuel and sustain long-term growth.

New Google last mile offerings focus on smoothing out processes for fleet operators
Earlier today, global technology giant Google said it has rolled out two new offerings—entitled Cloud Fleet Routing API and Last Mile Fleet Solution— which focus on helping logistics and retail fleet operators to see gains in delivery success and optimizing fleet performance through what it described as an integrated suite of mapping, routing and analytics capabilities.

Prioritize customer experience in the last mile
Omnitracs One Last Mile Solutions can give your operation a better path forward. All the tools you need on a single platform.

2022 Parcel Express Roundtable: Challenges persist
Three of our top parcel industry sources offer their respective takes on one of the most ubiquitous parts of freight transportation and logistics—parcel and last-mile delivery. With providers and carriers continuing to have the upper hand over shippers, they suggest to leave no stone unturned when it comes to carrier selection and leveraging partnerships.

Optimize Customer Experience in the Last Mile
Check out this eBook: Logistics in the Last Mile, to see key areas Omnitracs can help bring agility to your trucking fleet.

Maersk announces it is set to acquire Pilot Freight Services
Maersk officials said that the purchase price is $1.68 billion (USD), adding that the acquisition is subject to regulatory review and approval, which it expects to be obtained by the second quarter, with both Maersk and Pilot operating as independent businesses until the acquisition is made official.

5 Last-Mile Trends to Have on Your Radar
Keeping your business successful in the last mile involves paying attention to what constitutes a triumphant last-mile experience and what differentiates the leaders from the laggards.

UPS is set to acquire Roadie, in deal with an eye on the last mile
Late last week, one global Atlanta-based company purchased a smaller Atlanta-based one, with freight transportation and logistics titan UPS announcing it entered into an agreement to acquire Roadie, and on-the-way delivery service with the nation’s largest local same-day footprint.


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