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Coupa brings LLamasoft into the fold in $1.5 billion acquisition
Coupa officials said that this deal will augment its supply chain capabilities and also enable its shipper customers to drive greater value through BPM processes. And they also noted that LLamasoft will help Coupa achieve that value, given the heightened need for supply chain volatility and changing market conditions, which it said necessitates the need for shippers to make smarter and faster supply chain decisions.

Coupa Acquires AI-Powered Supply Chain Design & Planning Leader LLamasoft for $1.5 billion
The acquisition will empower both businesses to drive greater value across direct and indirect spend, and broaden its leadership in Business Spend Management.

Smoother execution through S&OP
The sales and operations planning process is a long-established mechanism for aligning business objectives with operations. Find out how planning solutions are becoming more constraint aware and capable of assessing what-if scenarios in ways that make S&OP more effective and meaningful. SandOP planning. New trends in Sales and Operations Planning,

A Fresh Take on Supply Chain Innovation
How big ideas can redesign your supply chain.

Nine Ways Food and Beverage Companies Can Use Supply Chain Design to Drive Competitive Advantage
From long-term, strategic decision-making to tactical production planning, supply chain modeling technology can enable food and beverage companies to reduce cost and risk and edge out the competition.

Brexit, the Next Big Disruption for the Supply Chain?
The prospect of Britain leaving the European Union, the so-called 'Brexit,' will be known shortly, and while most of the focus of the debate so far has rightly concentrated on the economic impact of Britain leaving; import, export and almost every aspect of the supply chain would undoubtedly be affected.

Supply Chain Software Convergence: Synchronization Realized
By enabling collaboration and optimization across previously siloed functions, supply chain software convergence helps shippers better leverage their IT investments across the enterprise. Here’s how the concept has evolved—and the vendors that have jumped into the game.

LLamasoft Acquires Barloworld Supply Chain Software Division
LLamasoft, a global leader in supply chain design software solutions announced that it has acquired Barloworld’s Supply Chain Software Division, including all technology, software applications, and the Barloworld SCS team.

Utilizing Transportation Optimization to Design a Smarter Supply Chain
LLamasoft’s Rebecca Koke drops by the LeanLogistics blog to discuss the importance of optimization in creating a transportation strategy

Getting Inventory Right: Hope with Hype and Recycled Supply Chain Software?
I see greater value coming to clients that bypass hype and focus on business results through the implementation of best-of-breed products on the top of ERP backbones.

LLamasoft Acquires IBM’s LogicTools Supply Chain Applications Business Unit
The acquisition of IBM’s LogicTools suite, includes the LogicNet Plus, the Inventory and Product Flow Analyst and the Transportation Analyst products as well as the related technology and support team.

6 Tips for Optimizing Your Distribution Network
Whether driven by reducing costs or by new business strategies, our panel of experts says that rethinking your distribution network has become more important than ever.

Winning Through Better Supply Chain Design
Because of this, a simple activity like mapping and visualizing supply chain flows can often spark critical questions such as, “Why are materials sourced from Region A, produced in Region B, then air-shipped as finished product back to Region A?”

BMW Develops Street Lights with Electric Car-Charging Sockets
The auto maker said it has made two prototypes "Light and Charge" street lights which combine efficient Light Emitting Diodes with the company's ChargeNow recharging stations for electric cars.

Supply Chain Design for the Automotive Industry
LLamasoft® Supply Chain Guru® and LLamasoft® Transportation Guru® enable companies to model, optimize and analyze supply chain and transportation network operations, leading to major improvements in cost, service, sustainability and risk mitigation.


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