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Supply chain stability remains elusive, notes new report from ASCM and KPMG
While supply chain disruptions have lessened, ASCM and KPMG’s Stability Index continues to point to increased global instability.

Elevated freight and labor costs remain issues for stressed out supply chains
ASCM, KPMG index reveals some easing, but pressure remains high.

New index by ASCM and KPMG shows supply chain stress level more than doubled in past two years
The tool from the Association for Supply Chain Management and KPMG analyzes key trends to support resilient and confident supply chains. The Supply Chain Stability Index uses machine learning and statistical models fueled by market-level supply chain data to provide insights.

DoD picks KPMG to assist on 5G application for Marine Corp’s smart warehouse project
5G seen as useful for testing autonomous robotic inventory management, machine learning for inventory tracking, and augmented and virtual reality applications for workforce efficiency.

Conventional warehouse tune up
Well-defined processes, clean data, a little automation and a skilled workforce deliver that needed spark to conventional warehouses.

MIT’s Supply Chain Sustainability Report features KPMG insights
The report’s authors had expected COVID-19 might dampen companies’ enthusiasm for investing in SCS, but the latest survey shows the opposite occurred.

IFS acquires Axios Systems
IFS acquires Axios Systems

JDA, KPMG survey reveals contrasting digital transformation strategies for retailers, manufacturers
Supply chain survey shows retailers and manufacturers share real-time product visibility and delivery as top investment drivers.

UPS Expands China Ties in S.F. Holding Joint Venture
United Parcel Service is setting up a joint venture in China with SF Holding to haul more U.S.-bound goods and capitalize on booming e-commerce in the world’s most populous nation.

China E-Commerce: Driving New Consumer Culture
China’s e-commerce landscape is still experiencing rapid growth and for any businesses seeking entry into China’s competitive e-commerce market, it would be advisable to develop a strategy that encompasses a thorough understanding of the target market.

Where Big Logistics Corporations Are Placing Their Startup Bets
The logistics industry is a capital intensive business, and M&A and investment activity says a lot about the technologies companies are betting their futures on, especially UPS and FedEx who are the most active companies in this space.

KPMG Transport Tracker - Sixth Edition
This sixth edition of the KPMG Transport Tracker has a special focus on the rising M&A activities and investments in transport startups, analyzing the impact of falling fuel prices on airline operating models and discussing the challenges ahead for logistics companies amidst growing competition from tech giants and startups.

nuTonomy Beats Uber/Google to Self-Driving Taxis
Singapore’s nuTonomy, founded by two researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said today it began testing a free taxi-hailing service in a small business district in Singapore.

Self-Driving Cars: The Next Revolution
The revolution, when it comes, will be engendered by the advent of autonomous or “self-driving” vehicles. And the timing may be sooner than you think.

Global Transportation and Logistics Mergers & Acquisitions to Pass $73 Billion in 2016
Mergers and acquisition activity in the global transportation and logistics industry is expected to soar past the $73 billion mark this year, this according to the latest Transport Tracker compiled by consulting firm KPMG.


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