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New Google last mile offerings focus on smoothing out processes for fleet operators
Earlier today, global technology giant Google said it has rolled out two new offerings—entitled Cloud Fleet Routing API and Last Mile Fleet Solution— which focus on helping logistics and retail fleet operators to see gains in delivery success and optimizing fleet performance through what it described as an integrated suite of mapping, routing and analytics capabilities.

Google taps project44 to be initial real-time visibility provider for supply chain platform
The company said that through this partnership project44 will become the first strategic partner for real-time transportation visibility to integrate its capabilities into the Google Cloud Supply Chain Twin offering—which optimizes planning and decision-making by orchestrating supply chain data from enterprise business systems, partners, and public sources and enables shippers to bring together data from multiple sources and require less partner integration time than traditional API-based integration—and is a major cog of the Google Supply Chain platform.

Google selects project44 as first real-time visibility provider for Google Cloud Supply Chain Twin
Partnership integrates project44 analytics into Google Cloud’s new Supply Chain Twin solution to improve transportation efficiency and inventory management

Report highlights Google’s increasing focus on logistics
While global e-commerce giant Amazon, for good reason, receives more than its fair share of headlines for its ongoing initiatives to expand its logistics presence into a key service offering and competitive differentiator, it is not entirely alone as a large global ubiquitous player making noticeable strides in the logistics sector, at least not yet. In fact, according to a recent CNBC report, another household name may be ready to take a deep logistics plunge as well. There is a... conference highlights collaborative robots, advanced vision and artificial intelligence
Event to host more than 500 automation experts and and professionals who want to explore how to grow their business with the latest trends and innovations.

Walmart Teams Up With Google to Take On Amazon
Google and Walmart have entered into a partnership to make hundreds of thousands of Walmart products available to purchase through the Google Home voice-controlled speaker, the tech giant’s answer to the Amazon Echo.

The Economist ‘Imagines’ an Ideological Echo Chamber Email from Larry Page to James Damore
Last week The Economist said Alphabet’s Larry Page should write a “detailed, ringing rebuttal” of the viral anti-diversity memo sent by ex Google employee James Damore regarding Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber, here's how they imagine it.

Google’s Pioneering Approach to Supplier Diversity
In 2014, Google launched its own fresh take on supplier diversity, designed to drive economic impact for small businesses and fit Google’s uniquely nimble culture, here's an update on how Google does supplier diversity the “Googley” way.

Apple Announces HomePod Speaker to Rival Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home
Three years after Amazon launched the Echo and six months after Google launched its $109 Home, Apple today unveiled a Siri-powered smart speaker called the HomePod, the speaker is a gateway to other Apple products, and a showcase for Apple’s voice AI assistant, Siri.

Fate of Uber and Otto’s Autonomous Vehicles
Google's Waymo autonomous tech lawsuit against Uber and specifically against Anthony Levandowski, a former Waymo employee who left the company to start autonomous truck driving firm Otto, which Uber purchased for nearly $700 million, looks really bad for Uber.

Technology Business Leaders Vow to Fight President Trump’s Immigration Ban
Silicon Valley took the lead over the weekend in corporate resistance to President Donald Trump's clampdown on immigration, financing legal opposition, criticizing the plan, as well as helping employees ensnared by his executive order.

Google’s $300 Million Funded ‘FASTER’ Internet Cable between US and Japan Goes Live
Google partnered with Global Transit, China Telecom Global, Singtel, China Mobile International, and KDDI to make the highest capacity underwater fiber optic cable ever built, capable of delivering 60 Terabits per second of bandwidth across the Pacific.

Google Overtakes Apple as Most Valuable Company
Alphabet Inc easily beat Wall Street's quarterly profit forecasts, helped by strong mobile advertising sales, sending the shares of Google's parent higher in after-hours trading to surpass Apple Inc as the most valuable U.S. company.

Google Partners with Ford on Self-Driving Vehicles
Google will soon be one step closer to bringing its autonomous car technology to the consumer market, as a report yesterday claims the company is teaming up with Ford on a project that could lead to automated ride sharing services.

13 Top U.S. Companies Pledge $140 Billion to Slash Carbon Emissions
In an effort to gain momentum before the Paris climate talks this December, the Obama Administration has rallied some of the largest companies in the nation to commit billions of dollars to slash their environmental footprints to help combat climate change.


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