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U.S. Supply Chains Battle COVID-19 as China Recovers
The coronavirus outbreak continues to be profoundly disruptive to the global supply chain, especially as the US and many European countries are now battling to stop its spread. receives strategic investment from ICONIQ Capital
This investment will allow to better serve its customers by significantly increasing the number of development professionals employed by the company and thereby increase the quality and quantity of products offered.

CMA CGM & Freightos Sign Landmark Agreement Advancing Shipping Industry Digitization
This development represents a real change for the industry because, for the first time, global shipping on key trade lanes functions like passenger travel or ecommerce, where customers can obtain guaranteed prices within seconds.

XPO Logistics rolls out upgrades to XPO Connect digital freight marketplace
Global freight transportation and logistics services provider XPO Logistics announced today it has made upgrades to its XPO Connect, its cloud-based digital freight marketplace, and Drive XPO mobile app, which interfaces with XPO Connect.

Singapore exchange leads $44.4 million round, backing Freightos’ global freight platform
The Freightos global rate database also drives the Freightos Baltic Index (FBX) in collaboration with the Baltic Exchange – which is part of the SGX group.

New shipper survey reveals that small businesses face “import overhead”
While importing continues to grow across both small and enterprise companies, almost 50% of the 300,000-plus American businesses who import still use spreadsheets to manage their international supply chain.

A better ocean freight settlement system is needed
As shippers, intermediaries and ship owners look ahead a few years to forecast trends in several areas of change, there’s one area that would be smart for everyone to put some effort into—billing accuracy.

Freightos report takes deep dive into the ‘digitization’ of freight forwarding
As the digitization of freight forwarding is widely viewed as an ongoing process, a report issued this week by Freightos, a SaaS-enabled logistics technology provider focused on instant freight quotes for freight forwarders and shippers, highlights how the ongoing road towards digitization and will change customer service differentiation.

Q&A: Dr. Zvi Schreiber, Freightos founder and CEO
Logistics Management Group News Editor Jeff Berman recently spoke with Dr. Zvi Schreiber, Freightos founder and CEO, about Freightos’ most recent round of funding, the company’s approach to the market, and what is in store for the future

Amazon Enters Trillion Dollar Ocean Freight Business
Amazon has begun shipping products from Chinese merchant partners to its U.S. warehouses via ocean freighters, this is something it used to outsource exclusively, and another piece of the overall shipping and logistics picture that it’s now controlling directly, at least in part.

What Shippers Want
A roadmap for online freight services: this paper presents real world experience, and data, of how other industries have leveraged online channels in order to increase sales and efficiency.

Why the Tech Giants are Focusing on Trucks & Ships
The high tech companies that have focused on ecommerce and fulfillment are expanding across the supply chain, leveraging vast amounts of capital to expand their future business.

Creating a Synchronized Global Trade Supply Chain
In an increasingly interconnected world, where trade is a core component of economic activity, creating a more seamless global supply chain is now vital, however, a new generation of tech-savvy freight forwarders may be creating just the right amount of disruption the industry needs to improve synchronization.

LogTech Q3 2016: Rise Of The Tech Giants
The Freightos’ LogTech report is a free quarterly report focusing on major logistics technology updates in the sector, it provides over 70 technology developments that may be providing salvation.

Uber Freight: Another “Uber-for-Trucking”?
With the news that Uber is unleashing a trucking offering, it came as no surprise when it launched Uber Freight, an online trucking marketplace for US Less-than-Truckload.


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