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How the Hybrid Network Becomes a Reality for the Future of Freight Transportation
It’s clear that everyone in the supply chain needs better options to keep goods moving and evolve their business operations in 2022 and beyond, this industry urgency is converging with important advancements in autonomous trucks and marketplace technologies, providing us with a preview of what’s ahead.

Examining the Future of Autonomous Trucking
A new report by Uber Freight envisions a future where autonomous trucks and human drivers operate alongside one another in a hybrid network to ease the burden of increased freight demand, enhance truck drivers’ quality of life, and create more value for everyone in the supply chain.

Solutions for Hauling Food Freight
Understanding drivers’ biggest apprehensions about food freight can help spur optimizations that keep drivers behind the wheel and food on shelves.

What is Freight Class and How is it Measured?
Freight class provides LTL users an agreed-upon standard for classifying and pricing freight based on universally measurable factors - here’s what you need to know about LTL freight classes, how to measure them, and why they’re so important.

Three Bidding Strategies to Maximize Performance in a Tight Freight Capacity Market
Shippers can no longer rely on the old rules of freight transportation procurement like manual spreadsheet RFPs and annual bids and continue to thrive in a market defined by rapidly fluctuating transportation costs and capacity demands.

How Carrier Performance is Impacting Transportation Operations
New survey explores the key freight challenges that shippers are dealing with and the various ways that carrier performance affects supply chains across different industries.

Optimize Your Operations with Fully Connected Transportation Management
Many TMS systems offer the same features and functionalities, but not the flexibility or usability that is found with the 3Gtms system.

What Is A Freight Bill Audit, and Why Do You Need One?
Incorrect freight billing affects somewhere between 5-6 percent of all freight invoices, and these errors can stem from a variety of different sources, but three main errors make up the vast majority of all invoicing mistakes.

How a Dock Appointment Scheduling System Increases Freight Visibility and Streamlines Operations
A dock appointment scheduling system is crucial to managers’ visibility, and the security and safety of cargo is a never-ending mission with the latest trends and technology coming through the warehouse.

The Buyer’s Guide to Transportation Management Systems
There is almost no limit to how a Transportation Management System can benefit your unique supply chain, the key to success is finding the right TMS for your goals, so before selecting a TMS, use the 12 questions in this buyer’s guide to find the best solution for your company.

Unlock Hidden Capacity in Your Freight Network
Learn how companies are leveraging Lane Connect to establish successful partnerships and transform their supply chains.

Convoy Connect Transportation Management System Significantly Reduces Freight Tendering Times
Encore Glass, a provider of wine and beer bottles that are distributed across the United States and Canada, has been an early adopter of Convoy Connect, a free TMS - shipping 5,200 orders representing 8.3 million cases in 2019 Encore Glass has reduced its tendering times in half.

New TMS Leads to Optimized Freight Management for Greenhouse
One of the largest greenhouses in North America achieves dramatic cost savings with optimization and rate management.

Solving Inefficiencies with Green Freight Shipping Solutions
In this green freight shipping guide, we describe how freight shippers are finding more and more that sustainable shipping not only benefits the earth but also their bottom lines.

The Invaluable Role of Data in Freight Management
In this white paper we show how, through data, it is possible to establish your brand, keep your customers, get a better deal, and always win in the ultimate supply chain game.


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