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Top 25 Freight Forwarders 2023: Bumps ahead for freight forwarders
The freight forwarding market continues to be negatively affected by the ripple effects of normalization in consumer behavior, as well as the global economic and manufacturing slowdown. Consequently, volumes handled by freight forwarders slowed down in the second half of 2022.

2023 Container Shipping Outlook: This Time is Different
The period from mid-2020 to the fourth quarter of 2022 was a high-water mark for the container shipping industry, and with it came unprecedented turmoil, disruption, and prosperity, and that period was, above all, a period of extremes: extreme rate rises, extreme container and labor shortages, extreme delays, extreme congestion, and extreme chaos for exporters and importers alike, this time it's different.

Freight Forwarders: Technology as the key differentiator
Analysts expect the percentage of cargo booked and shipped through completely digital platforms to double to nearly 20% by 2024. To accommodate this rapid growth, large forwarders are investing heavily in digital offerings for booking, quoting, tracking, and invoicing—the ones who don’t will be left behind.

Echo Global Logistics announces acquisition of Fastmore Logistics
Echo officials said that Fastmore’s domestic operations are similar to those of Echo’s, with the real benefit of bringing Fastmore into the fold is that it offers up what it called a unique point of entry into an expansive network of expedited brokerage for the international freight forwarding market through various types of equipment, including: cargo vans, straight trucks, and full truckload.

The Connection Between Trade Compliance and Logistics
Recently, logistics companies that have failed to comply with the regulations that govern exports have experienced more and significant penalties.

Top 25 Freight Forwarders: Strong Growth, Abundant Opportunity
As savvy forwarders embrace and utilize more sophisticated digitized solutions to set them apart from the pack, industry analysts are seeing the race narrowing. Evidence of this trend is made clear when the Top 25 features nearly a half dozen players vying for the same coveted ranking.

Maersk and IBM Introduce TradeLens Blockchain Global Shipping Solution
The industry-wide collaboration announced in January advances as more than 90 organizations participate in the global trade solution with more than 154 million events captured on the platform and growing by one million per day.

Freightos report takes deep dive into the ‘digitization’ of freight forwarding
As the digitization of freight forwarding is widely viewed as an ongoing process, a report issued this week by Freightos, a SaaS-enabled logistics technology provider focused on instant freight quotes for freight forwarders and shippers, highlights how the ongoing road towards digitization and will change customer service differentiation.

State of Logistics 2016: Air cargo
New trade agreements may drive long-term recovery, air freight logistics forecast, 2016 air freght

What Does the Future Hold for Freight Forwarders?
The freight forwarding market is going through a structural change with logistics stakeholders needing far more visibility into their supply chain in 2016.

The Future of Logistics – What Does the Future Hold for Freight Forwarders?
Kewill worked with Transport Intelligence to examine the state of the global freight forwarding industry, and produced a report that provides an in-depth look at the issues confronting forwarders across the globe – and offers helpful suggestions on what they need to do to remain competitive.

Top 25 Freight Forwarders: Gaining momentum
By most reliable measures, the world’s freight forwarding sector is brightening considerably for the second straight year. But many analysts also maintain that only intermediaries with the most sustainable practices will thrive in tomorrow’s marketplace.

Freight Forwarders: New regulations complicate the “cold chain”
Forwarders who specialize in the controlled temperature marketplace are facing more regulations now than ever. But by bringing new technology into the fore, they can quickly meet compliance standards and differentiate their service. Here’s some advice for shippers looking to solve the “cold chain” challenge with the help of a third party.

Geodis Wilson eSolutions: Connecting Your World With Ours
eSolutions is tailored to customers’ specific needs, providing on-line booking, order management, high and detailed levels of visibility, proactive notifications, Track & Trace, KPIs, volume reports, document management, milestone management and vendor management, and EDI integration.

Big Data & Analytics: Is it time to engage your service partners?
Savvy, global shippers that capture and analyze transactional transportation management data in collaboration with their third-party service providers have seen hard dollar savings drop to the bottom line. Here’s how they’re getting it done.


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