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The Extraordinary Rolls-Royce Technology Behind Your Flight
Aircraft in flight anywhere in the world automatically report back via satellite to the Rolls-Royce Service Operations Room where our team looks at, compares and reports on half a billion engine data reports every year. The data is analysed, trends extrapolated, anomalies detected and, often unknown to the pilot, preparations are made at the arrival airport to take remedial action and send the aircraft on its next leg with no delays.

Why Apple is Greenpeace’s Newest Supply Chain Hero
Apple’s Suppliers Responsibility Report, released last week, is another big step away from its previous secrecy regarding its environmental performance, and another sign that Apple recognises that its tremendous profits are directly tied to protecting human rights and a healthy planet.

Super Bowl Logistics Planning: Lessons from a Supply Chain Consultant
The exiting train had a line sufficient for a couple hundred people, and really no “start”. Once you have built a system simulation one can easily run “worst case scenarios” and plan for pain points.

Four Reasons 2014 Will Be The “Year of The Global Distribution Center”
2014 is starting off with high demand from e-commerce and other users who are in the market for large, sophisticated space, and lots of it. Modern space with proximity to population centers and a robust logistics infrastructure will dominate the industrial real estate sector in 2014.

Best Practices for a Freight Market that is Heating Up
Anyone who has talked to a motor carrier knows that it costs a lot more to operate a truck today that it did three years ago. Despite the increased operating expense, shippers have been able to avoid significant rate increases to this point.

Leveraging the Power of Speed & Connectivity - Jamaica Logistics Hub
The Logistics Hub Initiative aims to establish Jamaica as the premier logistics node within the Americas. The initiative will involve the creation of state of the art logistics zones, upgrading and further development of air and sea port infrastructure and the creation of an enabling environment which will allow businesses to fully exploit Jamaica's strategic location.

More Truck Loads on Road Anticipated
An increase in trucking loads is expected in 2014, good new for the 125,000 inland residents who hold jobs in sectors related to that industry.

How Will Logistics Benefit From the 2014 Economic Upturn?
With the global economy seeming to be in better shape than for many years, it would seem a good point at which to examine prospects for the global logistics industry. Economics and logistics output are, of course, inextricably linked.

Best Practices in Global Logistics
Even though total supply chain costs may be reduced by global sourcing, typically, transportation and logistics costs have been rising as a percentage of the cost-of-goods sold (COGS).

6 Things You May Not Know About Marine Cargo Insurance
Marine cargo insurance policies are unique compared to other insurance policies. This is because international ocean and air shipments are subject to a unique set of laws that limit the liability of carriers. So how do you better protect your freight in transit? Here are six things you may not have known about marine cargo insurance and why it’s a good idea to add a policy.

UPS Survey Reveals 6 Supply Chain Concerns for Healthcare (and other) Executives
New UPS survey highlights supply chain concerns for healthcare executives looking to drive business change & meet business goals - Global Pains Lead to Transformative Strategies.

Behind the Software: Agent Framework — The Flexible Software Development Platform
Many people know FORTE as a leading firm for warehouse automation solutions. What they may not know is the reason, which is FORTE’s Smart Warehouse Suite™ software that makes every system work. As is often the case, it’s what’s behind the scenes that matters most.

Warehousing Solutions in China
China’s warehousing solutions appeal to global companies. Businesses can consolidate orders from multiple vendors and ship directly to end customers. This allows companies to avoid more expensive distribution networks in other regions of the world.

Learning the Language of Market Driven Demand
To become market driven, companies need to identify the right market signals, build sensing capabilities, define demand-shaping processes, and effectively translate the demand signal to create a more effective response.

Supply Chains and Third-Party Logistics Make Room for 3D Printing
So how will 3D Printing impact the supply chain and logistics? It will accelerate a shift from “push supply chains” to “pull supply chains.” Some recent findings indicate that nearly 20% of those transport, logistics and supply chain executives surveyed were currently using 3D printing to some degree. Just under 40% believed 3D printing would have the most impact on increased customization.


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Sustainable Supply Chain Insights From PITT OHIO
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