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Time for Manufacturers to Cut Ties with MRP and Spreadsheets
A recent study shows 63% of “best in class” manufacturers still used spreadsheets for planning, consequently, it's probably safe to say that there's a lack of trust in planning tools like Enterprise Resource Planning and Manufacturing Resource Planning even in the best-run companies.

Shift into Digital - A Blueprint for Breakthrough Performance through Digital Transformation
This white paper details how leaders are leveraging digital cloud network platforms to collaborate with their partners in real-time to drive real digital transformation breakthrough results.

Supply Chain Collaboration Shouldn’t Be Complicated
Your executives need data to make the right decisions, your workers need data to take the right actions, your trading partners need data to deliver the right inventory to the right place at the right time, and you can’t afford a single communications delay or disconnected data transmission.

Supply Chain Planning & Optimization Projections for 2018
I get a kick reading “prediction” articles both prior to the year start and then again after the year is complete...when it comes to predicting the very dynamic supply chain management industry, those after year reviews can be quite amusing.

The Changing Role of ERP in Manufacturing
For years manufacturers have acquiesced to the “single vendor” mantra and bought into the manufacturing component of their ERP provider. The problem with these transaction-based systems is that they are, well, transactional. They don’t account for the unique dynamics of individual manufacturing environments – or the inevitable variability.

Putting Your Supply Chain Technology First
It is no longer necessary to wait until an ERP upgrade is complete to reap the benefits from updating your SCM solution.

Buyers Guide to Business Management Software for Transportation & Logistics Companies
This report reveals why and how executives are reevaluating their long-term technology strategies.

11 Warehouse Operations Best Practices
Warehouse management is complex, but done right it can reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction and increase warehouse operational efficiency.

Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning: 3 Reasons Why Cloud ERP is Misunderstood
While some businesses see the benefits of a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning solution, many others may have misinformation or doubt about making the transition to the cloud - in this article we discuss 3 cloud ERP theories’ that may be holding you back.

Utilizing Logistics Technology to Manage & Exceed Customer Expectations
With most logistics influencers clamoring for attention, from globalization to competitive markets, one unlikely contender suddenly came to prominence as being one of the most significant performance indicators and a key differentiator of every logistics provider, this interesting influencer is the customer.

Uberization of Logistics Has Arrived: Be Distinct or Extinct
In this paper, we describe why logistics service providers need to deploy technology as a core competence and differentiator and not just a support service and how with the technology of the future they can stay ahead of the competition; tackle Uberization and create value for their customers as well as their investors.

Enterprise Resource Planning Vendors Making Significant Inroads into Supply Chain Management
With the big ERP vendors invading their turf, best-of-breed SCM providers are coming up with deeper, niche-oriented solutions to help shippers manage their supply chains, our analysts discuss just how far ERP can go in this sector that’s now considered the foundation of success for digital commerce.

A Look at your Food and Beverage Supply Chain
This paper details how some of the world's biggest names in food production take control of their supply chains - and transform their business.

The Future of Enterprise Resource Planning
VAI S2K Enterprise Software harnesses the power of technology and enables businesses to better anticipate consumer needs and enhance productivity, providing integrated applications optimized for the Supply Chain.

The Truth About Growing Your Business in an Age of Personalized Products & Mass Customization
Unrelenting consumer demand for personalized products and experiences has profoundly challenged the day-to-day processes and priorities of executives responsible for managing supply chains in today’s increasingly complex marketplace.


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