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Vendor-Managed Inventory Solutions Provided by 3PLs in the Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals Industry
This white paper will introduce the concept of VMI, or Vendor-Managed Inventory Solutions, and make a case for VMI as a cost-saving, quality-ensuring life sciences and pharmaceuticals supply chain solution.

How to Digitize Your Supply Chain Without Losing Your Mind
Here are the steps you can take to digitize your unstructured data.

IT Department Spread Thin? 7 Tell-Tale Signs You Might Be Holding On To Legacy Systems Too Long
In this paper, we detail why now is the time to assess your current systems and think more modernly about your processes and IT vision, and why it’s always the right time to address how you can be doing things better.

Integrating ERP Systems with Kuebix TMS: 2 Case Studies
In these 2 transportation management system case studies, we detail how Pioneer Valley Books and Grandville Printing integrated Kuebix TMS with their ERP systems for order and shipment Integration, and automate freight pay and audit functionality.

Why Your Business System Requires a Dual Platform Strategy to Optimize Your Supply Chain Network
The purpose of a dual platform digital twin strategy is to analyze business questions like improving node-to-node movements across your supply network or driving policies that improve the customer experience and solve all the problems that present themselves across your supply network.

The Difference Between Enterprise Resource Planning and Inventory Management Software
Businesses often choose to use an all-in-one or ERP because it seems to offer everything you need in one place, but because all-in-ones are so focused on managing so many things at once, they are often lacking in the level of granularity needed to fully manage inventory and warehouse processes.

Key Differences Concerning Supply Chain Multi-Enterprise Network Platforms & Pseudo Networks
The basic paradigm of enterprise technology still persists which is unfortunate given the progress we’ve made on the consumer technology side, however, multi-enterprise networks are finally gaining understanding and attention from the marketplace.

8 Signs Your Business-2-Business Cloud Network is Broken
If you are looking at end-to-end automation supply chain solutions for optimizing your enterprise and business network, consideration of these 8 key multi-enterprise network factors will be critical for your success.

Case Study: Enabling the Autonomous Supply Chain
During this webinar Nucleus Research and One Network will dissect a global company's strategy to leverage a multi-party network to enable the autonomous supply chain.

SAP SE to Acquire Qualtrics International for $8 Billion
Under the terms of the agreement, SAP will acquire all outstanding shares of Qualtrics for US$8 billion in cash, SAP has secured financing in the amount of €7 billion to cover the purchase price and acquisition-related costs.

Beyond Basic Forecasting
Forecasting Techniques that Produce Superior Results.

5 Reasons ERP-Only Solutions Fail at Last-Mile Product Customization & Functionality
Enterprise Resources Planning ERP mega suites have been the backbone of business operations, but today’s suppliers need to learn to function in hybrid reality environments if they want to discover new frontiers of growth and profitability.

2018 ERP Update: Are the mega-suite vendors taking over supply chain management?
With 58% of shippers committed to their enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors, the key players are casting an even bigger shadow on the supply chain management space.

End-to-End Supply Chain Connectivity and Integration
Large, high-profile organizations are leveraging E2open’s unified, end-to-end platform to bring together planning and execution, supported by the application breadth to meet functional requirements and the depth to solve new challenges.

The Enterprise Resource Planning TMS Integration Highway
The Enterprise Resource Planning Integration Highway is a common integration approach to all ERP systems, and integrating purchase orders directly from an ERP system to and from a TMS facilitates the rapid creation of shipments.


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Sustainable Supply Chain Insights From PITT OHIO
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