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New Inventory Problems Expose Old Supply Chain Weaknesses
Companies are trying all manner of ways to rid themselves of bloated inventories at a time when they typically build inventory for the end-of-year holiday season. How did they find themselves in such a mess?

Building Supply Chain Resilience Is Much More than Fixing Supply Problems
Companies need to map these critical linkages in their supply chains when evaluating risk and resilience. When one element is disrupted, it is likely that other parts of the system will be impaired as well.

Can Globalization Be Rejuvenated?
Is globalization in terminal decline, or will it survive or even thrive in some other form?

Can Companies “Uber-ize” Their Way Out of Supply Chain Troubles?
Uber revolutionized passenger transportation by providing a third-party platform where consumers “compete” with each other for rides. Now, platforms that enable companies to “compete” for supply chain assets have emerged as a way to lower costs and increase efficiency through Amazon-like economies of scale.

Why Online Practitioner Communities Are a Valuable Professional Resource
Insights and resources for learning managers and educators on creating and nurturing communities.

Global Economic Outlook Uncertain due to War in Ukraine
Russia's brutal invasion of Ukraine intensifies the product shortage and price rise issues we have come to associate with Covid-19.

Will “Just Transition” Reshape Supply Chain Sustainability Goals?
A concept called “just transition” is cropping up in sustainability circles, and if it gains ground, it could become part of corporate pledges akin to those that commit companies to net-zero operations by a certain year. Such an outcome has significant implications for supply chain sustainability.

Confronting the Prospect of a Global Recession
In these Covid-ravaged times, the last thing companies need is more bad news, but like it or not, the storm clouds of a global economic recession are gathering on the horizon.

The Covid Vaccine Story Inspires Hope in a Pandemic-Wracked World
The furor over a whistleblower’s accusations that Facebook profits from allowing its platform to spread disinformation has spotlighted the role of social media in propagating falsehoods online. A prime example is how such untruths hamper the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Relief for Supply Chains Hit By Truck Driver Shortages?
Paradoxically, truck drivers are both scarce and underutilized; optimizing drivers’ time can address both problems.

Supply Chain Resilience Core Capacities
A resilience-building approach to compare and contrast supply chain disruptions, especially how the Covid-19 pandemic fits into supply chain management’s risk universe.

How Companies Can Break the Hoarding Habit
Corporations, in a bid to meet consumer demand, are now following the same hoarding trends that consumers practiced at the beginning of the pandemic.

Responses to Pandemic Ills That Slow the Recovery
The pandemic took the world by surprise, and it is understandable that our immediate response was far from perfect - however, failing to deal effectively with its aftermath is less excusable.

The Upside of COVID-19 Pandemic-Induced Truck Driver Shortages
Inflation is one of the headwinds facing the US economy and consumers, and inflation is fueled, to some extent, by the national shortage of truck drivers; this shortage raises truck transportation prices, which show up in higher prices for every product.

Fulfilling Orders When You Don’t Have Enough Product to Meet Demand
The global shortage of semiconductor chips that is disrupting supply chains in the automotive and consumer electronics industries is forcing chipmakers to decide which customers’ orders to fulfill when product is in short supply.


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