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The Implication of Flexport’s Acquisition of Shopify Logistics to Expand Its Global Services into Last Mile & E-Commerce Fulfillment
Flexport, the leading tech-driven logistics platform, has announced the acquisition of the assets of Shopify Logistics, including Deliverr, Inc. Flexport's technology now makes it easy for businesses to plan, visualize and execute the movement of goods from the manufacturer to the customer's store or door unified under one technology platform.

Helping Brands Grow their Online Sales with e-Logistics & Readymade Fulfillment
The GEODIS eLogistics platform provides a real-time overview of all available inventory, in-store, in the warehouse, or in transit, worldwide, and also provides for the management of orders no matter the sales channel and determines the most appropriate supply source, delivery method, and returns options.

What Will an Average E-Commerce Warehouse Like in 10 Years?
What will e-commerce warehouses look like in 10 years? Though predicting the future certainly has a margin of error, we can make educated forecasts about the future of warehousing.

Four Reasons to Rethink Your Ecommerce Fulfillment Operations Using a Robotic Shuttle Put Wall
The surge in ecommerce is putting a strain on order fulfillment and exacerbating labor challenges, but a robotic put wall could be the key to increasing productivity with minimal disruption to existing warehouse operations.

Speed Up Your eCommerce Fulfillment Operations with Robotic Automation
Consumer buying habits have shifted radically toward eCommerce, putting pressure on fulfillment centers to process more orders, more quickly with existing resources, download and learn from this infographic how a Robotic Put Wall can increase order fulfillment by up to 3X and handle nearly 100% of typical SKU assortments.

Intelligent Enterprise Robotics for Ecommerce
In this ecommerce solution guide, we take a deep dive into how to improve sortation throughput by up to 3X without additional labor, additionally, we provide 3 reasons retailers need robotic product sortation in fulfillment warehouses.

E2open Acquires Global Multi-Carrier Ecommerce Shipping Software Platform Logistyx Technologies
The $185 Million acquisition combines complementary cloud-based solutions and global multi-carrier ecommerce capabilities to E2open’s network and end-to-end supply chain operating platform.

Digital Transformation: A New Risk Assessment Perspective
In times of disruption, leaders must recalibrate the business. Digital transformation is key to unlocking resilience. But risk assessment has not kept pace with change and a new perspective on evaluating risk is needed.

2021 Ecommerce Research Series: Technology for Ecommerce Study
This Quarterly Research Series will help managers understand the effect ecommerce is having on warehouse and distribution center (DC) operations.

Five Priorities for Omnichannel Retail Supply Chains
This white paper identifies five key elements that all retailers should be incorporating into their demand-driven omnichannel supply chain strategies.

Suddenly it’s a same day delivery world. Time to turn your warehouse into an AWAREhouse.
This paper looks at how integrating robots and AI-enabled software built on a language designed for fluidity and real-time decisioning directly addresses the most pressing fulfillment needs.

A Guide to E-Grocery Fulfillment Strategies and Technologies
This e-book looks at how COVID-19 has become a major disruptor and is accelerating the need for automated e-grocery fulfillment.

Virtualized Fulfillment Program Optimizes Distribution across Retail and Marketplace Channels
CommerceHub’s Flash offering enables scalable direct-to-consumer ecommerce growth while diversifying distribution through Ingram Micro’s 3PL network.

The Robotic Revolution is Here. Is Your Company Ready for it?
Robotics are making their way into warehouses and DCs around the world, but it’s not an end-all; robotics is just one part of a complete, end-to-end solution that incorporates numerous different elements.


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