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RK Logistics announces expansion into Arizona
Company officials said that this new office will support customers throughout the greater Phoenix area, as well as southern Arizona. And they added the office will, at first, be the location for the company’s local sales, business development and administrative staff, with a focus on providing logistics services for current and also emerging industrial and manufacturing businesses and also their suppliers in Arizona’s Silicon Desert region.

Warehouse Insights: Tackling Space in Micro-fulfillment
How can you utilize micro-fulfillment?

E-book: Optimize Your E-commerce Throughput
Need to keep up with e-commerce throughput? This e-book can help you choose the right solution for your business. Learn more about what Honeywell has to offer and find the sortation system that best fits your needs.

Q&A: Michael Farlekas, CEO, e2open
Logistics Management Group News Editor Jeff Berman recently spoke with Michael Farlekas, CEO of Austin, Texas-based connected supply chain software platform services provider e2open. Farlekas provided Berman with an overview of various topics, including: a return to supply chain normalcy; inventory management, and sourcing options for shippers, among others.

Gap Inc. expands its e-fulfillment network
A new 800,000-square-foot DC in Texas optimizes fulfillment processes and the network.

E-commerce and Freight: Balancing new patterns of demand
We speak with a number of logistics experts to capture their views on the overall impact that e-commerce is having on moving the nation’s freight. One thing is for certain: The current level and speed of churn has irrevocably altered the pattern so many had become accustomed to managing.

Top trends in reverse logistics
Two of the trends making an impact on reverse logistics besides the increase of e-commerce and the increased focus on customer centricity—are the circular economy and robotics. Here are some suggestions for transforming your reverse process to meet today’s pressing demands.

E-commerce: Balancing new patterns of demand
Once again, we’re using the March issue of Logistics Management to take a closer look at how the ongoing growth of e-commerce continues to influence the various modes, services and operations practices that make our logistics and freight transportation networks function.

Markus Schmidt named CEO of BEUMER Corporation
Schmidt looks to maintain leadership roles in airport, parcel and minerals and mining, while strengthing e-commerce and logistics.

DHL announces Southern California expansion into new Redondo Beach facility
Company officials said that this new facility, which represents a $5 million investment, is 60% larger than the previous one, adding that it offers up myriad customer benefits, including increasing shipment capacity and faster shipment processing, which provide earlier deliveries for customers in the Long Beach and South Bay area.

Descartes announces acquisition of Minneapolis-based GroundCloud
Waterloo, Ontario-based Descartes, a provider of logistics based on-demand, software-as-a-service offerings, is expanding its final-mile services portfolio, announcing this week it has acquired Minneapolis-based GroundCloud, a cloud-based provider of final-mile carrier solutions and road safety compliance tools. The purchase price was $138 million, according to Descartes.

Four Supply Chain Lessons from the 2022 Peak Season
In this exciting webcast, we will be diving into just that - the things we learned from peak season as well as tips to rock 2023.

“Megawarehouse” demand hits record highs in 2022, reports CBRE
CBRE found that the largest 100 industrial lease transactions in 2022 included a record-high 63 deals for 1 million square-feet or more—known as “megawarehouses”—topping the 57 deals recorded in 2021. What’s more, it added that the average size of the top 100 leases was 1.07 million square-feet (MSF), supplanting the previous record, of 1.05 million MSF, set in 2021.

January services economy activity sees a strong start to 2022
The Services PMI—at 55.2 (a reading of 50 or higher signals growth)—increased 6.0% over December’s 49.2, which was down 6.9% compared to November’s 55.5. Through November, the Services PMI had grown for 30 consecutive months.

Putting the retail supply chain in reverse gear
Retailers that don’t consider product returns their biggest source of supply may want to rethink their reverse logistics approaches for 2023.


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