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Mezzanine Helps Honeywell Optimize Space and Accelerate Inventory Control

Consolidated facility reduces overhead costs, expedites repairs and doubles storage space.

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By integrating a mezzanine solution, the equipment dealer made use of previously wasted vertical space and improved picking efficiency.

Whether in existing facilities or new ones, mezzanines are a critical tool in the industry’s effort to optimize space.

As a result of the system, the company has reduced its cost of operations and increased its distribution efficiencies.

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The resurgent economy and the steady march of e-commerce growth is keeping warehouse and distribution center (DC) operations busy picking, packing, and fulfilling orders, usually with more item handling and value added services thrown into the mix.

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When DCs, plants, or any industrial facility needs more space, there are two basic options: going "out" by acquiring or building additional facilities, or "going up" by maximizing the cubic volume of existing facilities

Setup uses existing structure for support, minimizing columns on the first floor.

Platforms tailored to existing facility avoid business disruption during installation.

Engineered mezzanine system supplier expands more than 40%.

Consolidated facility reduces overhead costs, expedites repairs and doubles storage space.

With the need for more space in many warehouses, and market consensus that mezzanines are a cost effective means of adding space.

With more stringent food safety rules being proposed for the food and beverage industry, companies are paying careful attention to equipment being used in their food production and processing plants particularly in open product zones.

Facility addition ties seamlessly into existing conveyor, mezzanine and workflow.

Mezzanine expands into facility addition without disrupting daily operations for Mercedes-Benz.

The food and beverage sector is ripe with unique and difficult materials handling challenges due in part to the growing number of product choices. Here’s a look at how technology can help keep the shelves stocked and the customer satisfied.

Custom platforms enable accessibility on uneven surfaces.