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Nucleus Research’s Control Tower Value Matrix For 2020
The authoritative analyst report on supply chain control towers describes key capabilities, including end-to-end supply chain visibility, unified planning, execution, and autonomous execution.

How an Intelligent Control Tower Can Provide Autonomous Problem-Solving For Your Supply Chain
Today’s control towers provide powerful capabilities and real-time responsiveness with autonomous problem-solving, global demand-supply matching, and global available-to-promise, achieving increased efficiency, resilience, and world-class performance.

Is Your Supply Chain Control Tower an Asset or a Liability?
This whitepaper explains how to avoid information overload and build a strong basis for actionable supply chain visibility with data.

How a Transportation Management System for Parcel Shipping Empowers Shippers
A Transportation Management System (TMS) for parcel shipping helps manufacturers, retailers, and logistics service providers better manage their parcel shipping execution, uncover inefficiencies, and unlock opportunities to improve customer service.

Nucleus Research: Control Tower Technology Value Matrix 2019
As customers are looking for greater visibility of their extended value chains, supply chain software vendors are answering the call, providing solutions that cut across functional and organizational silos.

Choose the Right TMS for Parcel Shipping
Your parcel shipping operations are unique, and so too are the Transportation Management Systems (TMS) for parcel shipping in the market, each with enough features and functionality to confuse even the most seasoned industry expert looking to implement a new solution.

Aids Planning and Supply Chain Reliability, Case Study LANXESS
Producing and transporting chemicals through the supply chain safely and efficiently can be complex, especially when moving hazardous cargo.

Control Tower Approach Drives Visibility
Control Tower Approach Drives Visibility, Aids Planning and Supply Chain Reliability

How to Leverage a Logistics Control Tower
This paper describes how leveraging a logistics control tower can achieve end-to-end transportation insight, actionability, and autonomy and how the entire logistics network gains more visibility, control, and unlocks enormous value.

One Network Enterprises Named Leader in Nucleus Research’s Control Tower Technology Value Matrix
The Nucleus Research Control Tower Technology Value Matrix 2019 report recognizes One Network Enterprises for helping companies move from siloed legacy systems to a real-time business network for the autonomous supply chain.

What Every Executive Needs to Know About Control Towers in Supply Chain Management
In this 'paper' we describe how a network control tower is a collaborative platform that engages your trading partners in decision making for better decisions, better optimization, better teamwork, and ultimately better results.

Creating the ROI for Multi-Carrier Parcel Shipping Solutions
Leveraging a TMS for parcel, shippers can quickly and easily compare carriers – and their corresponding services and rates.

One Network Enterprises Names Joe Bellini as Company’s First Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Bellini’s appointment is the latest addition to the One Network leadership team to drive growth.

Modern Control Towers: Choosing the Right One for Your Digital Supply Chain
In this white paper, we chart the evolution of the control tower as a means to embrace and extract value from all this complexity and discuss how to select and implement the right control tower for your supply chain business.

How to Choose & Derive Optimal Value from a Control Tower
Unfortunately, many control towers miss the mark on foundational and critical elements that are essential to gaining full visibility and control over today’s supply chains, they show you what’s going wrong, but they don’t fix it or give you the tools to resolve problems quickly and efficiently.


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