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Driving the Greatest Impact with a Supply Chain Control Tower
Digital control towers can empower executives to leverage data and make smart planning and execution decisions, virtually in real-time, but what exactly can the supply chain benefits and impact be for executives who implement control tower capabilities?

Strategic Inventory Management: An Alternative to Safety Stock vs Just-in-Time
How can businesses today achieve and maintain high customer satisfaction without having an abundance of excess inventory sitting on their balance sheet?

MPO + Metafora Announce Partnership to Make Supply Chain Visibility Easier
MPO has selected Socket by Metafora to accelerate integrations, MPO has also named Metafora the preferred North American implementation partner of MPO products.

5 Critical Trends for Supply Chain Control Towers in 2022
In this article, we describe a few of the most exciting and critical supply chain control tower trends in 2022 that help build flexibility, agility, and resilience.

Supply Chain Control Tower & Visibility
This Supply Chain Control Tower and Visibility solution guide provides a deeper look into the platform's capabilities and benefits, as well as a practical overview of why a unified and converged approach will make all the difference in running an efficient and cost-effective supply chain that drives superior customer satisfaction.

Take Control of your Parcel Shipping Network
The circumstances over the last year surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic created a sizable shift in the global shipping market, leading shippers to rethink their supply chains.

Multi-Carrier Parcel Shipping Systems - Use Cases, Advantages, and Strategies
Let’s take a closer look at multi-carrier parcel shipping successful use cases to learn about some of the advantages of getting it right.

Transportation TMS & TSM and Their Roles in Building Better Supply Chain Control Towers
Understanding the roles of TMS and TSM and how they work specifically, individually, and what happens when they work together is a foundational step in building a supply chain control tower that can deliver greater operational efficiencies, manage transportation spend, and create best-in-class supply chain processes.

What Your Business Gains from Increased End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility
Having end-to-end real-time visibility over the different tiers in the supply chain brings crucial advantages for businesses, but how do you get there?

Reimagining the Supply Chain Control Tower: New World, New Needs, New Capabilities
This white paper, Reimagining the Supply Chain Control Tower: New World, New Needs, New Capabilities, breaks down how supply chain control towers must evolve to help enterprises stay agile and resilient in the new normal, it's a must-read for business leaders looking for greater visibility and control over their supply chains.

Digitized Control Towers & Business Networks - The Next Normal is Here
In this paper, Digitizing with Control Towers and Business Networks, we detail how a digital control tower and network technology can help companies adapt and prepare for future success.

Autonomous Control Towers in Retail & Consumer Packaged Goods Supply Chains
Supply chain control towers have evolved far beyond basic visibility, today they provide powerful optimization with real-time execution, autonomous problem-solving, global demand-supply matching, and advanced analytics.

Optimize and Orchestrate the Overall Consumer Goods & Retail Value Chain
A control tower solution synchronizes and coordinates all parties and systems around a single version of the truth, eliminating blind spots, and providing a solid foundation for optimization, decision-making, collaboration, and automation.

Top Trends Accelerating Supply Chain Operations in 2021
Next year we can expect the acceleration of some familiar trends, a new urgency with respect to the old, and a few new trends that may catch some off-guard.

One Network Named a Leader in Nucleus Research’s Control Tower Technology Value Matrix 2020
Nucleus Research, a provider of case-based technology research and advisory services, has ranked One Network as a Leader in its Control Tower Technology Value Matrix 2020 for the fifth consecutive year.


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