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Compliance Risk: A Significant Impediment to the Modern Supply Chain
A comprehensive guide to compliance risks and pitfalls for modern supply chains.

More than a box to tick
The strategic importance of technology-enhanced testing, inspection, certification and compliance

Cut the Fat from Your Forklift Fleet
There are several regular goals for a fleet management program, and one of the most common is saving money.

Take Control of your Parcel Shipping Network
The circumstances over the last year surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic created a sizable shift in the global shipping market, leading shippers to rethink their supply chains.

Six Best Practices to Improve Compliance with a Restricted Party Solution
When it comes to global trade, compliance can be complicated.

Looking for Solutions to Eliminate False Positives?
6 Best Practices to Improve Compliance with a Restricted Party Screening Solution, to discover strategies to streamline your global trade.

Ethical Sourcing – The Business Imperative (and Advantage)
Without robust procedures to ensure ethical sourcing and social responsibility compliance, companies can incur crippling brand damage and long-term losses.

SEKO announces acquisition of GoodShip International
Chicago-based third-party logistics (3PL) services provider SEKO Logistics recently announced it made an intra-city acquisition, with the purchase of GoodShip International, a customs brokerage and compliance consultancy.

Shipping Freight Across the U.S.-Mexico Border
How shippers can effectively leverage the powerful U.S.-Mexico trading environment with a solid logistics and transportation plan.

The Right Solution for Contractor and Supplier Management
The benefits of outsourcing to suppliers and contractors is clear, but the associated risks are largely unseen, and the breakneck pace of change and the pressures of financial reality can cause important, risk-mitigating considerations such as contractor safety to be overlooked - which could be not only an ethical disaster but a business disaster as well.

Best Practices for Enforcing Policies with Contractors
Without policy enforcement organizations that hire and employ contractors and suppliers run the risk of increased injuries, production failures, penalties for noncompliance, and even lawsuits resulting from employee injury.

Accurate Tariff Classification Helps Ensure Smooth Customs Clearance
Improper tariff classification is a top reason why shipments are delayed at the border and can be a red flag for CBP agents in identifying potential audit candidates.

Three Strategies for Proactive Compliance by Automating Export Controls
Solutions for university export control and compliance officers, legal counsel and research administrators.

The Why & How on the Path to Free Trade Agreements
This e-book illustrates the path to reap the rewards of Free Trade Agreements (FTA) while maintaining full compliance with the regulations around them.

7 Ways to Stay Compliant, Stay Competitive with Enterprise Labeling
For pharmaceutical companies, the landscape is one of increasing change, complexity and competition; to survive in such a challenging and demanding environment, it’s necessary for companies to rethink their labeling strategy.


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