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5 Ways Technology Advancement Disrupts Transport and Logistics Business Models
In the world where we are in, it is impossible for transport and logistics companies to compete without first staying clear of the complex processes, and old IT systems.

Ecommerce Continues Move Toward Heavier Freight Purchases
With the spread of COVID-19, expect a rise in e-commerce orders - the industry is used to small package deliveries, but shippers of heavier freight will also need to master online-enabled processes and transactions as their orders rise in 2020.

2020 Trends for Better Freight & Carrier Management
In this white paper, we discuss how technology - advanced, automation capabilities and system functions - provides a protective effect and enables better freight and carrier management.

2020 Freight & Transportation Management Trends
Strategic freight and transportation management trends for 2020 envelope technology, process improvement, the application of data, connected systems, and a robust set of dynamic rule sets that will ultimately define the successes of the future supply chain.

2020 Strategic Freight Management Trends
In this educational and informative white paper, you will learn about the top freight, logistics, and supply chain trends affecting the industry and how they will shape the year to come.

Supply Chain Trends to Know in 2020
This educational and informative white paper details how everyone needs more technology and functionality to offer faster purchase-to-door-shipping, regardless of channel or order origin, the question is, are you and your company up for the challenge and can you guarantee success?

Top Six Supply Chain Technology Trends for 2020
The supply chain technology trends for 2020 reflect the growing demands for more service, more value, faster shipping, cheaper shipping, and an unrelenting pace to predict what’s going to happen next - in this article, we take a look at the top six trends.

How to Write a Standardized Supply Chain Management Plan
Whether your business is a small firm that operates in a localized area or a large company with international shipping, a standardized supply chain management plan can indeed be of great help.

GlobalTranz makes another acquisition, brings Cerasis into the fold
Scottsdale, Ariz.-based GlobalTranz, a full-service 3PL focused on freight brokerage and technology, said this week it has acquired Minneapolis-based Cerasis, a provider of third party multimodal and managed transportation services.

The Invaluable Role of Data in Freight Management
In this white paper we show how, through data, it is possible to establish your brand, keep your customers, get a better deal, and always win in the ultimate supply chain game.

GlobalTranz Acquires Third-Party Logistics Company Cerasis
With the acquisition of Cerasis, GlobalTranz continues to expand its presence in the Minneapolis area and builds upon the company’s growing managed transportation capabilities.

How Freight Exception Management Increases Operational Shipping Efficiency
In this educational and informative article, we detail how exception management represents the latest way automation may help shippers understand operations and deliver on increasing customer expectations.

Using Various Freight Tactics to Reduce Costs & Streamline Management
In this white paper, we show how shippers and logistics service providers can control freight costs and bolster management by exploring the various cost influencers and benefits of freight consolidation in reducing costs.

5 Impacts of Autonomous Freight Trucking on Supply Chains
Autonomous trucking is a new technology that can truly benefit every step of supply chain management, it will bring large reductions in costs for companies and potentially address many of the issues facing the transportation and logistics industries.

How Freight Bidding Can Boost Capacity and Add Strategic Value Between Carrier-Shipper Relationships
Shippers that decide solely to solicit bids to their benefit will face the uncertainty of backlash from carriers, ultimately, bidding allows carriers to understand where they stand in the market and establish lasting carrier-shipper relationships.


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Supply Chain Outlook: What to Expect Near-Future
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