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How Microsoft Improved ESG & Sustainable Spending Working Together with Capabilities
Armed with the right set of data in the digital twin of their supply chain, Microsoft planned for cutting its carbon dioxide emissions and its Environmental, Social, and Governance, ESG, initiatives by 40% through data-driven insights and artificial intelligence, AI, for its supply chain management operations.

6 Truths About Business Spend Management Technology
There’s a lot of pressure on today’s CIO. So when the procurement and finance teams recommend a new supplier for their spend management system, it might seem safest for you to recommend the ERP vendor’s solution instead.

The 2022 Business Spend Management Benchmark Report
The industry’s only collection of benchmarks is based entirely on hard data from real business spend transactions, with 20 community-powered KPIs for best-in-class performance across procurement, risk, invoicing, expenses, and payments.

Unlocking Hidden Value for Your Business with a Business Spend Management Platform
In this ebook, learn how an integrated, single-platform suite helps business leaders in finance, procurement, supply chain, and IT unleash more value from business spending.

The Future of Global Supply Chains & Sustainable Operations
Sustainable operations are changing, and we’re seeing a shift from a pure lowest-cost focus to one of sustainable supply chains that are purposefully designed around diverse performance metrics.

9 Ways to Improve Supply Chain Resiliency in Response to Executive Order on America’s Supply Chains
This executive order elevates the critical need to build resilience in supply chains, not just in America, but for the world, and organizations in the highlighted industries and beyond will need to be proactive in addressing supply chain vulnerabilities.

4 Gartner Hype Cycle Supply Chain Technologies That Power Continuous Innovation
The Gartner Hype Cycle for Supply Chain Planning Technologies publication assesses technologies that executives should consider leveraging to stay relevant to their various stakeholders and to gain or maintain their competitive advantage in the marketplace - in this article we detail 4 technologies supporting supply chain planning innovation.

Coupa Announces Strategic Partnership with Japan Cloud to Establish Coupa K.K.
New joint venture will accelerate Business Spend Management adoption in Japan as companies look to gain more spend visibility and control - Japan is one of the largest public cloud markets in APAC.

Why Procurement and Supply Chain Operations are Smarter Working Together
In the post-COVID world, Supply Chain Planning and Source-to-Pay cycles need to be increasingly dynamic and intertwined starting with greater alignment between the Chief Procurement Officer and the Chief Supply Chain Officer.

Helping Customers Re-Build COVID-19 Broken Supply Chains with Community-Powered Insights
Business leaders who are driving successful supply chain transformation in their organizations outmaneuver their peers during times of disruption and adapt with agility to achieve continuous, profitable growth.

2021 Business Spend Management Benchmark Report
In this report we show you how to be ready for the future with the Business Spend Management “Suite 16” KPIs, and how to benchmark your digital transformation across procurement and finance today.

Why Procurement Needs a New Operating Model
This is the final part of the 3-part series about how companies must evolve their Procurement Operating Model to the next level, accelerate value creation, and make procurement become a competitive advantage to their organization.

Coupa Acquires AI-Powered Supply Chain Design & Planning Leader LLamasoft for $1.5 billion
The acquisition will empower both businesses to drive greater value across direct and indirect spend, and broaden its leadership in Business Spend Management.

Study Shows CFOs Lack Visibility Into Their Organization’s Business Spend Management
CFOs may not always be the most publicly visible executives compared with CEOs and other senior leaders, but in a rapidly changing world full of new challenges and risks, finance executives can be the stewards who guide companies toward growth.


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