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Expanding Your Retail Horizons and How to Find the Right Fulfillment Services
Fulfillment services have largely been the domain of 3PLs, and needless to say, not all 3PLs are created equal when it comes to eCommerce expertise and omnichannel efficiency, and given the central role a fulfillment partner plays in the customer's journey and overall satisfaction, retailers cannot afford to choose a 3PL that lacks the means to meet their clients' expectations.

Forum Mobility heralds $400M joint venture with CBRE IM and Series A funding round
With an eye on what it calls the equitable electrification of heavy-duty port transit, Oakland-based Forum Mobility, a provider of zero-emission trucking services, announced two initiatives focused on the company’s core mission, with each having an eye on the future. One initiative heralded by Forum is the closure of its $15 million Series A funding round, as well as its $400 million joint venture, with both serving as the beneficiaries of a fund led by CBRE Investment Management (IM) focused on...

FedEx preps to further reduce Sunday delivery services
After stating in July that it was preparing to cut down on its Sunday delivery services in remote and rural areas of the United States, from 95% to 80% of the U.S. population, Memphis-based global freight transportation and logistics services provider FedEx is now reducing its Sunday delivery footprint to around 50% of the country, according to various reports.

A Guide to Amazon Order Management Best Methods
The Amazon order management system guides and controls the order fulfillment process, from the point when the customer places the order to when the order is delivered to the customer, the software simplifies the order fulfillment process by automating it through various methods.

Why Connected Commerce Will End the Reign of Enterprise Resource Planning
Find out in our whitepaper how new connected commerce software integrates order, inventory, and warehouse management to change how brands can approach and scale with software.

Top 20 warehouses 2022: Merger and acquisition momentum
Demand for dry and cold chain warehousing remained strong in 2022 and is expected to continue climbing steadily in 2023. As the sectors continue to evolve, warehouse operators are attracting investor attention, consolidating, and changing their names.

Holiday season delivery on-time performance levels are back to pre-pandemic levels, says ShipMatrix
The firm said that average tally of parcels delivered per day came in at around 85 million, with OTP ranges for the three largest carriers—FedEx, UPS, and the United States Postal Service (USPS)—in similar territory, at 96.3%, 97.0%, and 96.2%, respectively.

Amazon heralds addition of 10 Airbus A330-300 to its aircraft fleet
Amazon Global Air Vice President Sarah Rhoads wrote in a blog posting that the company is adding 10 Airbus A330-300s leased from aircraft lessor, Altavair, to Amazon’s aircraft fleet. She explained that the aircraft are undergoing passenger-to-cargo conversion and will be the first A330 freighter conversions to operate in the U.S. upon entering the Amazon network in late 2023.

Talking Supply Chain Podcast: On the Road at MHI with Noelle Russell
On this episode, we visit with Noelle Russell, an AI executive with IBM and the founder of the AI Leadership Institute. She discusses the promise of AI and the metaverse in the supply chain as well as how we can use technology to build inclusive communities. SCMR’s Editorial Director Bob Trebilcock hosts.

Promise and Potential – Robotics in Retail Distribution Centers
Robots are increasingly characterized as a panacea for numerous challenges in retail warehouses, but where does the hype end and reality begin? As with the adoption of all technologies, start with simple applications, learn from them and expand accordingly.

Today’s Post-Pandemic Parcel Delivery Marketplace
Three of our top parcel industry sources offer their respective takes on one of the most ubiquitous parts of freight transportation and logistics - parcel and last-mile delivery, and with providers and carriers continuing to have the upper hand over shippers, they suggest to leave no stone unturned when it comes to carrier selection and leveraging partnerships.

New Amazon offering takes steps to further boost its supply chain portfolio
Global e-commerce giant Amazon introduced a new offering geared towards helping sellers on its platform utilize new purpose-built technologies for bulk inventory storage and automated distribution. Entitled, Amazon Warehousing & Distribution (AWD), the company said its objective is to address critical supply chain challenges and help sellers grow and manage their businesses while cutting costs by a significant amount.

E-Commerce Trends for 2022 and 2023
The eCommerce industry is constantly evolving, and this year hasn’t been any different.

How Amazon Is Preparing For Fully-Electric Drone Delivery
Amazon is building fully-electric drones that deliver packages under 5 pounds to customers in less than an hour - watch how they rigorously test every aspect of the technology they build, learn from it, and update the system to keep improving the safety, reliability, and scalability of their delivery service.

Report indicates Amazon may be looking to lease excess warehouse space
A recent Bloomberg report observed that global e-commerce giant Amazon is saddled with excess warehouse space it accumulated over the course of the pandemic and is now vetting subletting a minimum of 10 million square-feet (MSF) worth of space.


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