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Logility makes entrance into supply chain-focused AI, with acquisition of Garvis
In a deal that meshes logistics and supply chain technology with AI, Atlanta-based Logility, a leading provider of collaborative supply chain optimization and advanced retail planning solutions, said this week that it has acquired Antwerp, Belgium-based Garvis, a SaaS services provider that combines large language models (ChatGPT) with AI-native demand forecasting.

Q&A: Drew Wilkerson, CEO, RXO
Logistics Management Group News Editor Jeff Berman recently caught up with Drew Wilkerson, CEO of Charlotte, N.C.-based RXO, the fourth-largest full truckload broker in the United States, and asset-light transportation services provider. Wilkerson provided updates and analysis on various market trends and topics, including: the state of the freight economy; the spot market; pricing; and nearshoring, among others.

Catching up with Yossi Sheffi
The MIT professor, author and supply chain thought leader sat down with Bob Trebilcock and Abe Eshkenazi to discuss his new book and the future of supply chain management. Here are some excerpts.

Truckstop announces acquisition of FreightFriend
FreightFriend’s software offerings include a carrier relationship management (CRM) platform, freight matching and a relationship-based marketplace, and predictive new carrier discovery.

Manufacturers are up against AI, workforce productivity and innovation speed challenges
Fictiv survey finds companies are pushing forward with new product innovation despite obstacles.

New Goods-to-Robot Systems Take E-Fulfillment to the Next Level
Over two decades ago, the internet made its way into households, retail, and manufacturing environments, providing a foundation for commerce to occur in a more rapid and convenient fashion; since then, ecommerce has undoubtedly become the platform of choice for procuring everything from household products to industrial equipment.

AI, Robotics, Micro-Fulfillment and Share Supply Chains
On this episode, we visit with St. Onge Company’s managing partner, Bryan Jensen, to learn what’s up with the latest trends in fulfillment. SCMR's Editorial Director Bob Trebilcock hosts.

New Google last mile offerings focus on smoothing out processes for fleet operators
Earlier today, global technology giant Google said it has rolled out two new offerings—entitled Cloud Fleet Routing API and Last Mile Fleet Solution— which focus on helping logistics and retail fleet operators to see gains in delivery success and optimizing fleet performance through what it described as an integrated suite of mapping, routing and analytics capabilities.

IDC research makes the case for AI-driven supply chain forecasting
IDC’s analysis of the need for improved forecasting pulls no punches, in explaining that manufacturers have been running supply chains for centuries, and, for nearly that entire period, it is something that they have agonized over, with this zinger to complete the working thesis: “The only thing that has been universally true about any forecast is that it will be wrong.”

Blue Yonder research takes a look at the ‘new normal’ for logistics
Research recently published by Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Blue Yonder (formerly JDA), a provider of AI-driven and end-to-end supply chain management services, takes a long look at the mindsets of top-level logistics executives, regarding how they address e-commerce- and labor shortage-related disruptions, and fulfillment options, among others, as the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic begins in earnest.

Echo Global Logistics CEO Waggoner assesses market conditions, with an eye on the future
Logistics Management Group News Editor recently spoke with Doug Waggoner, CEO of Chicago-based Echo Global Logistics about various topics, including: capacity and rates, Peak Season, the election, and logistics technology, among others.

Coupa brings LLamasoft into the fold in $1.5 billion acquisition
Coupa officials said that this deal will augment its supply chain capabilities and also enable its shipper customers to drive greater value through BPM processes. And they also noted that LLamasoft will help Coupa achieve that value, given the heightened need for supply chain volatility and changing market conditions, which it said necessitates the need for shippers to make smarter and faster supply chain decisions.

Gartner survey: 47% of organizations will increase IoT investments despite COVID-19 impacts
By 2023, One-Third of Companies That Have Implemented IoT Will Also Have Implemented AI in Conjunction With at Least One IoT Project

Panasonic takes a 20% stake in Blue Yonder, extends ongoing strategic partnership
Earlier this week, global electronics giant Panasonic said it has made a 20% equity investment in Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Blue Yonder (formerly JDA), a provider of AI-driven and end-to-end supply chain management services. Panasonic made this investment through a secondary sale of shares, with Blue Yonder having an enterprise value of $5.5 billion. The companies have enjoyed a strong strategic relationship, which notably includes a Japan-based joint venture in April 2019.

MRO, ML and AI are top of mind at Modex 2020
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning may be the future of MRO, but we’re not there yet.


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