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One of Canada’s largest retail brands took bulk handling to new levels of automation and efficiency at its new Ontario DC.

Nearly 3,000 readers voted in 12 categories for the best innovations in materials handling equipment to help you decide the best products for you warehouse and distribution center operations.

With new business, leadership and investor, the provider of self-driving industrial vehicles plans enhanced production and innovation to meet growing demand.

Cloud expert also worked on scalable cloud-based platforms for eBay, PayPal.

Supporting robotic piece picking applications, AGV system uses wireless opportunity charging, RFID readers, touchscreen HMI and wireless radio.

The custom automatic guided vehicle system is flexible for a variety of production schedules.

The automatic guided vehicles ensure accuracy, repeatability and security

Now, a battery solution offering can provide hybrid applications when the environment demands, making them a complete turnkey solution provider.

Intralogistics startups can submit applications by October 30.

Scott Group strengthens U.S. presence with acquisition of AGV manufacturer founded in 1982.

Gain better control of materials inventory and movement in manufacturing.

The drive for higher levels of productivity has caused some AGV manufacturers to select larger batteries that can last longer between recharge periods. AGV White Paper, Automatic Guided Vehicle White Paper, Automated Vehicle White Paper, Autonomous Warehouse Robots.

Having now traveled the equivalent of 40 times around the earth, Seegrid’s vision-guided vehicles (VGVs) have logged more infrastructure-free miles at customer sites than any other infrastructure-free AGV company. Seegrid Modex announcement, Seegrid Automatic Guided Vehicles safety

If your operation has a difficult or unusual automatic guided vehicle (AGV) application that might be called, well, “ugly,” then SI Systems (Booth B4857) can develop a pretty nifty solution, said Jim English, senior conveyance applications engineer.

Waypoint (Booth C2549) launched EnZone, a wireless power system for autonomous mobile robots, at a Monday press conference.