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CHAPTER 3: Bricks Matter
The global marketplace is volatile, fragmented, and dynamic. Supply processes are more mature than demand. There is a larger gap to fill in the redefinition of demand processes to be market driven than in any other area of supply chain management.

Imports & Exports Made Easier with Global Trade Management Software
A recent Supply Chain Insights survey found that 67% of respondents were satisfied with their GTM software, reporting a ROI of 13 months. Download the resulting report for more insights into GTM software and to learn how you can achieve a ROI!

Maximizing the ROI in Supply Chain Planning
Supply chains are complex systems with complex processes with increasing complexity, through our research, we have found that many of the relationships between corporate performance metrics and supply chain processes are nonlinear.

Building the Green Supply Chain
“Supply chain sustainability” is the management of environmental, social and economic impacts and the encouragement of good governance practices, throughout the lifecycles of goods and services - United Nations Global Compact.

Supply Chain Talent – A Broken Link in the Supply Chain
If an organization is struggling to define supply chain management and gain managerial support, it is difficult to be successful in the development of supply chain talent.

Digital Supply Chain - Insights on Driving the Digital Supply Chain Transformation
Digitization transforms businesses - a digital business model uses new forms of technology to create new forms of revenue and business value - it is about the use of combinations of technologies to sense changes in real-time and shape a meaningful output.

Three Techniques to Improve Organizational Alignment
How Supply Chain Practices Can Improve Organizational Alignment and Improve Corporate Performance.

Research in Review - Insights from 2014 Studies
This report captures the highlights of quantitative research conducted by Supply Chain Insights during 2014, with the goal to distill research from 2014 into snippets and into a consolidated research summary.

Supply Chain Index: Evaluating the Consumer Value Network
While supply chain excellence does not make a company, it is hard for a company to succeed without it.

Supply Chains to Admire Report
Supply chains have never been tougher to manage, it matters more now than ever, and this report is a story of when the going gets tough the tough get going.

Supply Chain Visibility in Business Networks
To move forward, it is important for supply chain leaders to get clear on the definitions of supply chain visibility and to align IT and line-of-business leaders on a road map to close the gap.

Big Data Handbook
Big data is more of an opportunity than a problem. Companies need to mobilize now to build new processes and differentiated services. The focus needs to be on what the end-to-end supply chain can be. To do this, companies need to free themselves from the limited definition of what it is today. As a result, some organizations are calling it the “digital supply chain.”

Talent: The Future Supply Chain’s Missing Link
In the next decade, talent will be the missing link in the supply chain. While companies today are active in college recruiting and mentoring high-performance talent, many are unaware of the sea change that is happening in talent management.

Voice of the Supply Chain Leader – 2014
The Current State of Satisfaction with Supply Chain Software - With the rise in complexity (products, markets and rate of change), supply chain excellence is more important for companies to effectively compete.

The Supply Chain Index – Improving Strength, Balance and Resiliency
The supply chain is a complex system with interrelated metrics. We believe that it should be the goal of supply chain leaders to improve the capability of the supply chain to perform at higher levels.


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