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SMC3 EDI & API Messaging
In this paper/datasheet/case study, we describe, whether connecting to a carrier with API or EDI messaging, you’re looking for effective, responsive shipment data that can streamline decision-making throughout all parts of the shipment lifecycle.

How a 3PL Ran Smarter, High-Quality Bid Events with SMC3’s Transportation Procurement Solution
Bid$ense allowed IL2000 to manage all bid responses through a single integrated dashboard, giving them the ability to process bids faster, manage the increasing scope of bids, and get more out of each procurement event.

Driving Down Unexpected Less-than-Truckload Transporation Costs
In the LTL world, that first freight quote doesn’t always reflect the final cost of moving goods from origin to destination.

Bridging the Less-than-Truckload Expertise Gap with Online Education & Learning
In this whitepaper, we show you how the transportation industry is increasing its focus on the final mile, but also the middle mile, where freight gets moved to distribution centers and fulfillment houses, and why LTL and truckload are battling for that space.

SMC3 LTL Online Education
Through five online, self-paced on-demand courses and classroom-style lectures, SMC³ shares its lifetime of LTL expertise with logistics stakeholders and future supply chain leaders looking to take their careers to the next level.

Driving Efficiency in Less-than-Truckload Bids and Analytics
In this case study, we look at how SMC³ BatchMark XL rapid rating tool drives greater efficiency in LTL bids and analytics for Newell Brands and J.B. Hunt.

Comprehensive Transit-Time Intelligence - SMC3’s CarrierConnect XL Platform
When integrated with the leading transportation management systems, CarrierConnect XL adds unparalleled transit and service information for greater transportation efficiency.

SMC3 Cost Intelligence System: 3 Case Studies
In these 3 case studies, Old Dominion Freight Line, Averitt, and Groendyke Transport, we take a deep dive into the activity-based solution and how SMC³ improves the LTL motor carrier’s costing capabilities and enhances profitability.

Analyzing and Predicting Freight Transportation Costs
In these 3 resources, BatchMark XL, CarrierConnect XL, and CzarLite, we detail how to ensure accurate freight billing across every carrier agreement, uncover potential freight bill invoice errors, and assist with price negotiation and planning.

The LTL Industry Has Shifted; Don’t Get Left in the Dark
Old pricing benchmarks work in today’s marketplace because carriers offer shippers discounts on these outdated rates, but this practice masks the true costs of moving goods.

Reinventing the Freight Transportation RFP Process
In this white paper, we describe how using a tech-enabled freight bid system allows for more freight providers to be considered, greatly improving choice and the ability to tailor your service around more than just price.

Bid$ense: Streamlined Transportation Sourcing
This paper details how using Bid$ense leverages SMC³’s lifetime of transportation purchasing knowledge, allowing customers to incorporate pricing, claims ratios, on-time performance and transit times into their LTL bidding analysis.

Strategic LTL Bidding for Minimum Cost & Maximum Efficiency
This paper details how SMC3 designed Bid$ense for complete procurement transparency, and how you’ll move ahead with ease and confidence toward best-choice carrier qualification and truly strategic LTL procurement.

Making the Case for LTL Shipment Lifecycle Optimization
As you face capacity issues and rising freight rates, download this Making the Case report to learn how to optimize your LTL operations and get more strategic with your carrier and provider partners.

SMC3 Platform: The Single Source for LTL Pricing & Transit Information
The SMC³ Platform empowers 3PLs and Shippers of any size to successfully navigate and optimize the LTL shipment arena, choose the level of computing power based on your specific needs and operating environment with a technology platform offering the best of all worlds.


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