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IDC’s MarketScape Leaders for Multi-Enterprise Supply Chain Commerce Networks

One Network Enterprises has been recognized as a clear leader in IDC's MarketScape for Multi-Enterprise Supply Chain Commerce Network report, the research identifies One Network Enterprises for its modular, adaptable, and multi-enterprise business network.

One Network Enterprises Resources

In this research paper, “IDC MarketScape: how Multi-Enterprise Supply Chain Commerce Network 2018 Vendor Assessment,” describes the companies that will be “driving productivity gains of 2 Percent” and how the supply chain technology landscape is rapidly changing.

In this white paper, you will learn why blockchain platforms vary widely in terms capability, disclosure, confidentiality, anonymity, the cost to use, and speed, and why companies need to leverage more than one blockchain network to realize game-changing business models.

In this Value Matrix report, Nucleus evaluated the control market vendors based on their product usability and functionality and the value that customers realize from the capabilities of the product.

This white paper looks at the fundamentals that supply chains need in place in order to achieve real results from Artificial Intelligence implementations.

In this white paper, we suggest an approach to escaping the problem of ever-increasing legacy and proprietary systems and look at alternative approaches that have been considered and some of the problems with them.

Neo is not just an algorithm, he’s your tireless virtual supply chain assistant that senses, analyzes, and fixes tricky business problems quickly and automatically so you can do the important work.

This paper details how CFOs must balance conflicting demands as they make reinvestment decisions that facilitate ethical, sustainable growth while maintaining a disciplined drive for operational efficiency and short-term shareholder value.

If your business depends on complex relationships with hundreds or thousands of suppliers or trading partners; if it is multi-tier and global; then the Real Time Value Network is built for you.

This study proves that business leaders realize that the benefits of AI today are undeniable - and it will continue to prove itself as a powerful investment for the future, with executives expecting ROI to double in five years and triple in 10 years.

In this white paper Ranjit Notani, One Network CTO examines Blockchain’s powerful potential as well as a major problem and whether and how Blockchains can revolutionize the Supply Chain.