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Investment Triggers a Manufacturing Supercycle
Thanks to a trio of bills passed in the past few years, investment in U.S. manufacturing is at all-time highs, and that means the economy could be poised to take off again.
National Retail Federation Seeks to ‘Close the Loop,’ Acquires Reverse Logistics Association
The National Retail Federation is acquiring the Reverse Logistics Association as it looks to bolster its circular economy expertise.
Perpetual Power Comes for AMRs
Warehouse operators looking to find even more uptime for their mobile robots may have an option as CaPow enters the U.S. market. The perpetual motion power company says its system can provide 100% uptime with on-the-go charging.
Talent Shortage: Supply Chains Struggle to Find the Right Skill Sets
Sixty-four percent of Alcott Global survey respondents said a lack of the appropriate skillset is the biggest obstacle to hiring new supply chain talent.

Warehouse|DC Resources

Becoming a Shipper of Choice
C3 solutions' scheduling software streamlines the shipping process.
Automated Right-Sized Packaging Solutions for E-Commerce
In this guide, we’ll share some of the challenges online retailers face and how a Right-Sized Packaging...

Warehouse|DC News

Robots in the Warehouse and Expanding Beyond Outdated Materials Handling Logistics Processes
Larry Sweet of Symbotic and Chris Ray of Hartness International presented their work in robotic applications of material handling in distribution centers covering the historical applications, the market drivers that are challenging these approaches and the emerging software and mobile robotic technologies that are attempting to solve these problems.

The Forklift Center launches Website
The Forklift Center launched a site aimed at helping forklift specialists and material handling professionals research and find the best equipment for warehouses and distribution facilities in the U.S. and Canada.

Honeywell Introduces the Dolphin 70e Black Rugged Smartphone
Honeywell Scanning & Mobility introduces the Dolphin 70e Black. Sporting sublime styling and engineered to survive, this new enterprise hybrid device brings peace to the dissenters - and productivity to your bottom line.

Expert Inventory Management Advice
Expert inventory management advice from our panel of 6 industry leaders—representing a combined 80 years of inventory experience; Curt Sardeson Open Sky Group, Aman Sapra, St. Onge Company, Dave Wheeler, St. Onge Company, Jennifer Sherman, Oracle, Michael Wohlwend, SAP Americas, and Chris Jones, Descartes.

NACCO Materials Handling Group (NMHG) Launches Two New Global Web Sites
Culminating an in-depth project to consolidate multiple websites for their market-leading Hyster and Yale brands into two internationalized sites, NACCO Materials Handling Group (NMHG) has launched two new websites, yale.com and hyster.com, on the Ektron web content management platform.

Westcoast Warehousing Improves Picking Operations with Pick-to-Light Devices
Westcoast Warehousing turned to Bastian to automate and improve their picking process. After learning more about Westcoast Warehousing's operation, light-directed picking was chosen as the best solution to improve productivity, reduce errors, and decrease employee training time.

Best Practices for Shipping Southbound into Mexico
Whether you’re shipping auto brakes, consumer appliance parts, paper or simply packaging material, there are incredible intricacies to cross-border transit – from documentation standards and customs issues, to specific requirements for certain types of shipments. To help, we’ve put together this strategy guide for making your intermodal shipments into Mexico smoother.

OPEX’s Perfect Pick Product Brochure
Perfect Pick is a unique, goods-to-person picking solution that dramatically improves the rate and efficiency that inventory moves through a warehouse or distribution center. Highly scalable and flexible, Perfect Pick is engineered to simplify the complexity associated with other technologies. Perfect Pick’s revolutionary “one-touch” design is based on a single component, the iBOT.

OPEX’s Perfect Pick Solution
While other automation manufacturers boast of achieving high pick rates, these material handling solutions typically require a substantial footprint and multiple components, or touch points, including elevators, conveyors or lifts.

Datalogic means business with launch of a brand new cutting edge Website
Datalogic means business with launch of cutting edge new Website with a single route into the company’s plethora of business solutions for the Automatic Identification industry and its markets.

Brent McClendon, the new president and CEO of the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association
Meet Brent McClendon, the new president and CEO of the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA). He takes the helm at a time of transition in the industry.

OPEX Perfect Pick a Revolutionary Picking Solution Based on Proven iBOT Technology
OPEX's Perfect Pick™ is a unique, automated, high-speed, goods-to-man, piece picking solution based on proven iBOT™ delivery technology. Perfect Pick dramatically improves the rate and efficiency that goods move through a warehouse or distribution center.

OzLINK The Multi-Tool For UPS
Oz Development joined the UPS Ready Program in 2004 and is now a UPS Ready Strategic Technology Provider. Since then, we have OzLINKed over 15,000 happy users. All of our products are designed, built and supported right here at Oz; therefore, if you call us, you’ll be sure to get the right answer the first time!

OzLINK promoted to strategic level in the UPS ready program
Oz Development, a provider of OzLINK, a cloud-based product that integrates and automates the order management process, announced their promotion to Strategic Alliance within the UPS Ready Program.

Lenze-AC Tech Synchronized PositionServos Move Heavy Production Line
EWAB Engineering’s CS2000 conveyor system is designed for moving heavy objects up to 3306 lbs. along a production line process. A recent project required a carrier system for the automotive industry capable of moving very precisely and with variable speed. Four Lenze-AC Tech PositionServo drives provided the simple solution.

Lenze Packaging solutions
Lenze-AC Tech provides unique solutions for the industrial and commercial packaging industry. If your packaging application includes in-feed or constant-feed machines, labelers, fillers, wrappers or cartoners, the complete range of Lenze-AC Tech variable frequency drives (VFDs) and G-motion gear motor solutions offer you a very targeted, cost effective and reliable answer.

Lenze Material Handling and Logistics Solutions
Lenze's many years of experience in material handling technology, countless projects and applications places the company at the cutting edge of development in "Interlogistics" and roller conveyors, variable-speed belt conveyors, rotary tables, scissor lift tables, lifting stations, storage and retrieval units, palletizing systems, monorail overhead conveyor and automated guided vehicle systems.

Reliable Data Collection Solutions - Barcode Scanning & Barcode Printing
Supply Chain Services is a full service provider of barcode data collection solutions. Supply Chain Services delivers barcode scanning and barcode printing equipment, as well as support services to warehousing, manufacturing, and distribution organizations.

American Apparel Making A Bold Fashion Statement with RFID
American Apparel tested and deployed an item level RFID-based system that allowed store managers to track the movement of clothing items from ASN receiving, to back room put away, through restock staging and retail sales floor cycle counts and on to the point-of-sale execution. By leveraging this advanced RFID solution from Xterprise, American Apparel reduced both labor costs and out-of-stocks, while driving improve sales and same-store performance.

Batteries Plus Finds Competitive Advantage in HighJump Software’s Adaptable Warehouse Management
Batteries Plus is a national franchise, specializing in helping consumers and businesses with their battery and light bulb needs. Since implementing the HighJump warehouse management system, the company has experienced improved efficiency and accuracy.

Featured Companies

Optricity offers a platform of warehousing optimization, design and analysis software solutions to enhance operational precision within the workplace. By utilizing a unique blend of domain expertise, advanced mathematics and software engineering skills, Optricity has developed innovative technologies to support…
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EnerSys®, the world leader in stored energy solutions for industrial applications, manufactures and distributes reserve power and motive power batteries, chargers, power equipment, and battery accessories to customers worldwide. Motive power batteries are utilized in electric fork trucks and other…
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GXO Logistics
The sole focus of our business is on moving goods through supply chains with critical efficiency and reliability. When we talk with customers, we want to know their most complex requirements and biggest challenges. The logistics processes that we engineer…
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Casters in Motion
Casters In Motion is a leading manufacturer of high quality casters and wheels that are used throughout a variety of global markets.  We have used our experience and knowledge to become one of the single largest producers of casters…
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Arviem solves the challenges of obtaining visible and intelligent trade by offering real-time end-to-end cargo monitoring services. As the only full-service provider for real-time cargo monitoring on the market, Arviem provides exceptionally accurate location and quality condition monitoring of cargo…
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Brightpearl is a platform to manage inventory, accounting, customers, suppliers and fulfillment across your omnichannel business. Paired with real-time reports on inventory, cash flow, profitability across products, channels, customers and much more. Allowing you to make data-driven decisions and execute…
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Peerless Research Group
Founded in 2010, Peerless Research Group (PRG) is the research division of Peerless Media, LLC. PRG offers a wide range of custom and research solutions for businesses, consultants, and advertising agencies specializing in the supply chain, logistics, and materials handling products…
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Intermec Inc. is the workflow performance company. We design the leading data capture and information management solutions at the interface between mobile workers, assets, and customers. Through continuous innovation in hardware, software, services and integrated solutions, Intermec helps customers realize…
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Kenco provides integrated supply chain solutions that include distribution and fulfillment, comprehensive material handling services, real estate management, and information technology - all engineered for Operational Excellence. Woman-owned and financially strong, Kenco has built lasting customer relationships for 70 years. Kenco�…
Wildeck, Inc.
Wildeck, Inc. is the largest U.S. manufacturer of industrial work platforms (mezzanines), vertical reciprocating conveyors (VRCs), rideable material lifts (RMLs), custom ladders, access platforms and safety guarding products. In warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing, logistics and other operations, Wildeck products…
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Featured Downloads

Becoming a Shipper of Choice
Becoming a Shipper of Choice
C3 solutions' scheduling software streamlines the shipping process.
Thinking Differently About Supply Chain Planning
Thinking Differently About Supply Chain Planning
Political landscapes shift overnight, global trade is constantly changing, consumers demand increasingly personalized service and smaller day-to-day challenges hit without warning. If...

Rapidly Improve the Performance of Your Warehouse Logistics
Rapidly Improve the Performance of Your Warehouse Logistics
The Rapid Performance Evaluation identifies opportunities and potential improvements in every aspect of warehouse logistics operations; performance, productivity, service, quality, and systems.
Resource Management System (RMS): How to Effectively Leverage Your Assets
Resource Management System (RMS): How to Effectively Leverage Your Assets
This guide provides an in-depth analysis of the potential of various resources available in a warehouse and how they can be utilized...
Sustainable Supply Chain Insights From PITT OHIO
Sustainable Supply Chain Insights From PITT OHIO
A whitepaper on supply chain insights gleaned at the LEED-certified gold Cleveland transportation and sustainability summit.