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Supply Chain Top Stories

Bank of America Introduces Digital Supply Chain Finance Platform
Bank of America is adding a supply chain module to its popular CashPro Trade platform, enabling faster processing of financial transactions for global supply chains.
Moody’s: Carbon Offsets Open Supply Chains Up to Financial, Reputational Risks
A new report from Moody's finds that companies that rely on buying carbon offsets as an emisisons-reduction strategy could face financial and reputational harm.
Shippers Focus on Yield Management as Rates Continue to Rise
With FedEx and UPS raising their rates, savvy shippers can still find rate value for 2024, but time may be running out.
ASCM Releasees Top 10 Supply Chain Trends for 2024
The ASCM top 10 supply chain trends for 2024 feature a new number one, but technology trends still dominate the top five overall.

Supply Chain Resources

How to Avoid the Pittfalls of Contract Management in Telecom and High-Tech
This white paper explores how organizations in high-tech and telecom industries can navigate challenges, improve contract management efficiency,...
Harnessing ESG Data for MDM: A Strategic Advantage
While most CPG and Retail companies already have had sustainable goals such as recycled packaging content and becoming...

Supply Chain News

Demystifying IoT for Supply Chains
Learn the basics of what IoT is, why it works so well, and how it can be used to gain critical insights for your supply chain.

Supply Chain Outlook: What to Expect Near-Future
An investigation into how supply chains have changed, where they are heading, and how you can prepare.

Innovative Approaches to Materials Handling and The Supply Chain
There’s a lot going on out there with materials handling and the supply chain, so we did some looking around and came up with five startups with novel approaches to materials handling and the supply chain, they include two packaging innovations, drones for monitoring inventory, a new approach to safety and a 3D printing platform that focuses on minimalism in the supply chain.

The Circular Supply Chain with Lisa Dender, Global Lead for Product Chemical Regulations at IBM
Listen in as Rosemary Coates and Lisa Dender, Global Leader at IBM, discuss the circular economy and the new REACH regulations. Rosemary Coates, Executive Director of the Reshoring Institute, hosts this episode of The Frictionless Supply Chain.

10 Reasons Why Kinaxis and MPO Will Change the Game of Supply Chain Planning & Execution
Kinaxis and MPO offer the rock-solid foundations and disruptive innovations businesses need to make change happen. With so much to be discovered and so much to be achieved, I am very much looking forward to having inspiring talks with many of you soon. From today on, we are changing the game of supply chain digitization, step by step, day by day. Let's get something done – and make history together.

How Public Schools use Procurement to Impact the Next Generation
A conversation with Danielle Kahler and Jon Laing of Lansing Public Schools.

Five Real-World Digital Twins in the Warehouse User Cases
If automation is something you are considering for your warehouse, you will need to do some careful research and planning to make sure you’re making the right decision. All this hard work will help make the transition to automation as smooth as possible for your business. To get you started on your journey, Tecsys is reviewing the three stages of warehouse automation success: preparation, evaluation, and implementation.

Outlook 2023 Supply Chain & Procurement: Key Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities
Supply chain and procurement leaders enter 2023 with a lot on their minds. The business outlook, stressed by war, inflation, interest rate changes, and more, will prompt many firms to take a cautious approach. Leaders from supply chain and procurement leaders will wield their supply chains to advance social causes and their corporate values. They will accelerate ESG outcomes, and they will accelerate digital transformation. These leaders hold the keys to unlocking a brighter and more productive future. This is their...

PITT OHIO releases its 2022 Annual Sustainability Report
A report on sustainability initiatives that go back six years.

Digital Commerce Experts GenAlpha Technologies and Planning & Scheduling Optimization Software Company Optessa Announces New Strategic Partnership
Kris Harrington, CEO of GenAlpha Technologies stated that it was an obvious choice for us to join forces with Optessa. Just like GenAlpha, they are dedicated to empowering manufacturers and enhancing operational efficiency. By partnering with Optessa, we can offer our customers even more valuable resources, making this decision a seamless one. I am excited to witness the incredible potential that lies ahead as we embark on this partnership.

Talking Supply Chain: VCs, startups, and the supply chain
Refashiond co-founder Brian Laung Aoaeh talks investments and why math is a pathway to the supply chain.

Practices and Benefits of Collaborative Supply Management
To improve Supply Chain performance, the time has come for those involved to collaborate and pool their resources, see the details in this ebook.

4flow NEVA® – Rapid Modeling and Analysis of Supply Chain Networks
Businesses dependent on transportation benefit from having an agile supply chain, however, agile network design requires visibility over the entire network – a challenge without suitable software, this is where the supply chain modeling software 4flow NEVA® (Network Exploration, Visualization and Analysis) can help. It enables quick and easy interactive visualization and analysis of your baseline network structures within a few minutes.

Supplier Management Automation
This ebook is for accounts payable (AP) and procurement professionals looking to leverage AI-driven supplier management automation to improve cashflow, strengthen supplier relationships and promote continuous, scalable growth.

4flow Supply Chain Management Study
In the study, supply chain researchers from 4flow investigate optimization strategies for balancing air and sea transportation in variable-volume supply chains in the manufacturing industry.

How Businesses Can Strengthen Their Supply Chains & Build Future-Ready Supply Networks
Many businesses are bringing parts production back to the countries where it was originally performed, to be closer to consumers – so-called restoring, similarly, with nearshoring, production is moved to a country close to the target market, this can often be a more cost-effective alternative while still reducing shipping distances.

Warehouse Contingency Planning Template
We’ve taken the guesswork out of warehouse contingency planning with this downloadable editable template; from performing a risk assessment to testing out mock emergency scenarios, we’ve detailed every step of the process and made it easy for you to document policies and procedures, so you’ll know exactly what to do should disaster strike.

The Elusive AI Based Supply Chain Control Tower Platform
AlixPartners Disruption Index found that today eight out of ten say they need to diversify their supply base; similar numbers say they need to invest in AI solutions to combat supply chain disruptions, and three in five worry that supply chain disruption will put them so far behind their competition that they can’t catch up.

AlixPartners 2023 Disruption Index A Bias for Action Sets Growth Leaders Apart
Growing geopolitical competition and conflict could actually demonstrate the need for greater international cooperation, disruption may be the new economic driver, but it creates opportunities, not just threats, Leaders must be prepared to meet the challenge of this disruptive age.

Global Trade Trends Overview with S&P Global Market Intelligence Head
In this podcast, Jeff Berman, Group News Editor, for Logistics Management and Peerless Media, interviews Chris Rogers, Head of Supply Chain Research for S&P Global Market Intelligence.

Featured Companies

Quickbase provides a no-code operational agility platform that enables organizations to improve operations through real-time insights and automation across complex processes and disparate systems. Our goal is to help companies achieve operational agility - to be more responsive to customers,…
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Priority Metrics Group
Priority Metrics Group (PMG) is a professional marketing consulting firm based in Spartanburg, South Carolina. We provide customized research, analysis, and consultation services designed to generate profitable growth for our clients. We work with leading organizations in a variety of…
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University of San Francisco
The University of San Francisco helps meet this unprecedented demand with its Advanced Professional Supply Chain Management Certificate and Advanced Professional Sustainable Supply Chain Management Certificate. Seize your opportunity to advance within this dynamic, exciting and highly lucrative career field,…
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Washington University Olin Business School
Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis is an institution of leaders: distinguished research faculty…exhilarated, brilliant students…and successful, energized alumni. Its mission, which has guided the business school since its founding in 1917, is to Create knowledge�…
Rolls Royce
Rolls-Royce is a global company providing highly-efficient integrated power and propulsion solutions. Our power systems are predominantly used in aerospace, marine, energy and off-highway applications. We are one of the world’s leading producers of aero engines for large civil…
Tri Global Energy
Tri Global Energy, LLC has 16 projects in its wind energy development portfolio, representing more than 640,000 acres of wind resource sites to generate 6,600 MW of wind power, enough to provide the annual electricity consumed by 1.9 million American homes. Industry experts have…
Alteryx Analytic Process Automation provides a platform for supply chain with a unique approach to analytics, data sciences, and IA/ML enabling any organization to transform data into breakthroughs. Organizations utilize Alteryx supply chain automation solutions to anticipate shifts in…
Harvard University
Harvard University is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and to developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference globally. Harvard faculty are engaged with teaching and research to push the boundaries of human knowledge. For students…
World Employment Confederation
The World Employment Confederation is the voice of the employment industry at global level, representing labour market enablers in 50 countries and 7 of the largest international workforce solutions companies. The World Employment Confederation brings unique access to and engagement with international…
Acquity Group
Acquity Group is a leading Brand eCommerce® and digital marketing company, now part of Accenture Interactive, a group within Accenture Digital that helps the world’s leading brands drive superior marketing performance across the full multichannel customer experience. Acquity Group…
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Featured Downloads

Resource Management System (RMS): How to Effectively Leverage Your Assets
Resource Management System (RMS): How to Effectively Leverage Your Assets
This guide provides an in-depth analysis of the potential of various resources available in a warehouse and how they can be utilized...
Sustainable Supply Chain Insights From PITT OHIO
Sustainable Supply Chain Insights From PITT OHIO
A whitepaper on supply chain insights gleaned at the LEED-certified gold Cleveland transportation and sustainability summit.

20 Warehouse & Distribution Center Best Practices for Your Supply Chain
20 Warehouse & Distribution Center Best Practices for Your Supply Chain
In this guide, we picked the brains of our supply chain engineers to find ways to improve warehouse and distribution center efficiency...
SOLOCHAIN WMS plus a Guide to Warehouse Management Systems
SOLOCHAIN WMS plus a Guide to Warehouse Management Systems
In these 2 'papers' Solochain WMS, we detail Manufacturing Execution System capabilities and Generix's portfolio of SCM solutions to manage all distribution logistics,...
Supply Chain Outlook: What to Expect Near-Future
Supply Chain Outlook: What to Expect Near-Future
An investigation into how supply chains have changed, where they are heading, and how you can prepare.