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Moody’s: Carbon Offsets Open Supply Chains Up to Financial, Reputational Risks
A new report from Moody's finds that companies that rely on buying carbon offsets as an emisisons-reduction strategy could face financial and reputational harm.
ASCM Releases Top 10 Supply Chain Trends for 2024
The ASCM top 10 supply chain trends for 2024 feature a new number one, but technology trends still dominate the top five overall.
Suppliers Could Take the Biggest Hit from Auto Union Strike
An extended United Auto Workers strike against the Big 3 automakers could have significant ripple effects in the automotive supply chain, hampering smaller manufacturers and related suppliers.
5 Tips to Help Your Supply Chain Navigate Panama Canal Restrictions
As the drought continues to hamper ocean vessel traffic in the Panama Canal, AlixPartners offers tips on how shippers can manage the current crisis.

Risk Management Resources

How to Avoid the Pittfalls of Contract Management in Telecom and High-Tech
This white paper explores how organizations in high-tech and telecom industries can navigate challenges, improve contract management efficiency,...
The “Multi-Multi” Supply Chain Problem That No One Is Talking About
In this white paper, we examine why the average organization is losing significant profits from supply chain disruptions...

Risk Management News

Understanding Your Vendors’ Certificates of Insurance
Peeling the Layers of Perceived Protection.

Risk Management Solution Highlights Importance of Resilience in International Commerce Supply Chains
Exel, the North American leader in contract logistics, has partnered with its sister company DHL Supply Chain, the world's leading logistics company, to launch a new risk management solution. DHL Resilience360 is a unique tool that enables customers to assess critical hot spots in their supply chains, visualize them and build a risk profile for initiating potential mitigation activities.

The Resilient Supply Chain
To be resilient, global enterprises need new decision tools for supply chain risk assessment, monitoring and modeling. Cognizant of this, Exel has developed Resilience360, a web-based risk analytics software solution that maps a company’s supply chain risks, and identifies alternative options that either mitigate or eliminate risk entirely.

Global Risks 2014 Report
The Global Risks 2014 report highlights how global risks are not only interconnected, but also have systemic impacts. To manage global risks effectively and build resilience to their impacts, better efforts are needed to understand, measure and foresee the evolution of interdependencies between risks, supplementing traditional risk-management tools with new concepts designed for uncertain environments.

Worsening Wealth Gap Seen as Biggest Risk Facing the World in 2014
The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks 2014 report finds income disparity the most likely risk to cause an impact on a global scale in the next decade. Other risks of significant concern include extreme weather events, unemployment and fiscal crises. The report analyses 31 global risks and includes special in-depth investigations into youth unemployment, digital disintegration and geopolitical risks.

Smuggling (Supply Chain) Tunnel Discovered Between Hong Kong and Shenzhen
Chinese authorities in Hong Kong this week discovered a narrow concrete tunnel built by smugglers intending to shuttle consumer goods from Hong Kong across the border to the mainland Chinese city of Shenzhen.

Supply Chain Risk Solutions: A Market Overview
As critical as supply chain risk management has become, the market for solutions in this area is still emerging and evolving. Solutions are incredibly diverse and wide-ranging. Here we establish a framework for the market and examine the segments, functionality, and players.

Supply Chain’s Christmas Checklist: Strategies for Volatile Supply Chains
The challenges that retailers face during Christmas naturally vary according on the sector and from company to company. For many specialty retailers, having to cope with long lead times, Christmas challenges centre around estimating the season’s demand both well in advance and accurately; not an easy task.

Hidden Risk in Supply Chains
A new MIT study on supply-chain risk shows no correlation between the total amount a manufacturer spends with a supplier and the profit loss it would incur if that supply were suddenly interrupted. This counterintuitive finding defies a basic business tenet that equates the greatest supply-chain risk with suppliers of highest annual expenditure.

Supply Chain Management is Vital to Modernizing Public-Private Security Operations
Supply chain managers have no peer in understanding the complexity of the global economic and regulatory environment. And, they are well positioned to expedite a cutting edge approach to public-private security cooperation.

Global Supply Chains Increase Complexity of Supplier Risk Analysis
Almost seven out of 10 business leaders believe supplier risk analysis will become more complex as they expand into new global markets. That’s according to research by the Economist Intelligence Unit’s report Strategies for managing customer and supplier risks, sponsored by Dun & Bradstreet.

Strategies for Managing Customer and Supplier Risks
Some work toward a comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management system while others respond piecemeal by putting specialists in place to manage specific threats. Where does your company fall along this spectrum?

The Risk Intelligent Approach to Outsourcing and Offshoring
This paper offers guidance for executives and managers who have a stake in the success of O/O initiatives, and provides a risk intelligent approach to address the risk and maximize the value of an O/O strategy.

Supply Chain Risk Management: Knowing the Risks — Mitigating and Responding for Success
If the last few years have shown us anything it is that the supply chain is being exposed to more and more risk. Some of this risk can be managed through better supply chain design; assessing where supply “choke points” are and building in supply and logistical redundancy. Other risk, however, must be managed through better response capabilities.

The Bullwhip Effect in Action
The ripple effect of small changes in customer demand are magnified upstream through a supply chain all the way from the customer to the retailer to distributor to manufacturer. It is so named because of the resemblance to a bullwhip as the variability of demand increases sharply when you progress up the supply chain.

Creating Resilient Supply Chains: A Practical Guide
This report commissioned by the Department for Transport and undertaken by Cranfield School of Management’s Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management (CLSCM) aims to clarify the complex issues inherent in the identification and management of supply chain vulnerability.

Remaking American Security
This report—prepared by Guardian Six Consulting LLC for the Alliance for American Manufacturing—recommends 10 actions to make America less dependent on foreign nations for the vital products that enable America’s soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines to be the most powerful and effective fighting force in the world.

The Importance of a Thorough, Well-Managed Supply Chain Risk Strategy
Organizations should consider how the costs of managing risk balance out with potential lost revenue and damage to reputation that can result from a disruption to operations caused by a natural disaster or political instability in key supplier regions. To be a global business, supply chain risk management is a necessity. The key is to determine how to do it efficiently and effectively.

Situation Awareness for Disaster Management in the Information Age
This article looks at how advancements in information systems affect situation awareness in disaster management. The article considers the collection of intelligence, the collation of those observations into a common operating picture and distribution of awareness updates in a form that can drive effective action.

Comprehensive Supplier Risk Modeling
Supplier risk management has now become imperative. Executives are becoming increasingly aware of the risk these supply chain disruptions pose to their bottom lines, brand reputation, and stock value. IHS can help you prepare for and respond quickly to supply chain disruption – from everyday risks of doing business, to navigating dangerous supply chain floodwaters.

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FourKites is the #1 supply chain visibility platform in the world, extending visibility beyond transportation into yards, warehouses, stores, and beyond. Tracking more than 2 million shipments daily across road, rail, ocean, air, parcel, and courier, and reaching 176 countries, FourKites combines real-time…
As the largest nonprofit association for supply chain, ASCM is an unbiased partner, connecting companies around the world to the newest thought leadership on all aspects of the supply chain. ASCM is continuing to provide the industry-leading APICS certifications and…
C.H. Robinson
C.H. Robinson helps companies solve their logistics problems across the globe and across industries, from the simple to the most complex.
Active Scout Technologies
The Active Scout Technologies’ team is comprised of transportation risk management experts that have refined the carrier monitoring and selection process. Through the company’s newest product, Shipper Shield™, shippers’ have found the resource that allows them to monitor their…
The Okta identity management service provides directory services, single sign-on, strong authentication, provisioning, workflow, and built in   reporting. Okta runs in the cloud on a secure, reliable, extensively audited platform that integrates deeply with on premises applications, directories, and identity…
BSI Supply Chain Services and Solutions is the leading global provider of supply chain intelligence, global supply chain verification auditing services, audit compliance, and risk management software solutions, and advisory services. BSI’s supply chain services and solutions and services…
CashStar, the industry-leading provider of prepaid commerce solutions, enables the world’s top retailers and restaurants to grow and innovate in the rapidly evolving retail environment. CashStar provides best-in-class capabilities, revenue-optimizing risk management and a client success model based on…
Ross Technology
Ross Technology manufactures a diverse line of public safety and physical security solutions designed to protect people, property, and products in a wide range of applications including slip and fall prevention, anti-terrorism/force protection and heavy-duty industrial storage.
Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS) is one of the world’s leading insurers for corporate and specialty risks. We offer our clients and brokers specialist local coverage while giving access to the full international Allianz Group network to complement their…
Everstream Analytics
Everstream Analytics risk scores and predictive insights set the world’s supply chain standard, helping global companies turn supply chains into business-changing, market-shifting, competition-crushing assets. Removing the traditional blinders of one-dimensional data, we offer more complete information, sharper analysis, and…
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