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The Elusive AI Based Supply Chain Control Tower Platform
AlixPartners Disruption Index found that today eight out of ten say they need to diversify their supply base; similar numbers say they need to invest in AI solutions to combat supply chain disruptions, and three in five worry that supply chain disruption will put them…
MPO Improves Service Levels By 15% with Multi-Tier Inventory Visibility Optimization
Nucleus Research interviewed multiple MPO customers and found common benefits such as common multi-tier inventory visibility and improved route selection from a margin and service-level perspective.
Business Leaders Voice the Economic Impact of COVID-19
While the impacts of COVID-19 varied between advanced and developing economies, business leaders across the board identified some common features that helped countries remain resilient.
Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning Innovation and the Strength of Salesforce Economy
Salesforce has published an IDC report covering the Salesforce Economy, providing a comprehensive analysis of the growth and momentum in cloud computing.

Research Resources

2023 Digital Transformation Report
In this 2023 Digital Transformation Report, we share insights gained from our annual research on technology trends and digital...
The Global Risks Report 2023
The 2023 edition of the Global Risks Report highlights the multiple areas where the world is at a critical...

Research News

ChainLink Research Report Reveals New Supply Chain Insights
A new study from ChainLink Research titled Supply Chain Networks Revealed explains how business network technology can be used in supply chain management to accelerate growth and performance.

ASCM & Deloitte Roll-Out Next Generation Digital Capabilities Model for Supply Networks
Business consultancy Deloitte and the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM) have announced a new next-generation supply chain model geared towards providing logistics stakeholders with the tools needed to face various supply chain-related obstacles, such as market volatility, digital disruption, and shifting consumer expectations, among others.

TMS Study Shows 25% of Shippers Still Using Manual Methods, Need Route Optimization
A study by Software Advice, a company that provides research and user reviews on software applications, revealed many shippers are still using “manual methods," which often means that buyers are still using pen and paper to manage their transportation operations.

How Robots Change the World and What Automation Really Means For Jobs and Productivity
A new report by Oxford Economics claims that robots are forecasted to replace almost a tenth of the world’s manufacturing jobs with the majority borne by lower-income areas in developed nations.

3 Ways Data and Analytics Enables Smarter Transportation Management Visibility
Transportation is evolving rapidly, thanks to supply chain technology powered by data and analytics, and digitization is driving big changes that can help meet the pace of change in the marketplace.

Focus On Solutions Not Products When It Comes To Digitizing Procurement Operations
The economic and strategic benefits of digitizing procurement are real, but the proliferation of competing technologies has made it difficult for companies to figure out where to start, chief procurement officers should focus on solutions rather than products.

2019 Top 50 U.S. & Global Third-Party Logistics Providers
The inexorable advance of Amazon is creating new challenges for logistics managers who must meet heightened shipper expectations while navigating today’s complex third-party logistics, 3PL marketplace.

Report Highlights Importance of Logistics for Consumer Packaged Goods Shippers
Hoping to gain a better understanding of the pressure retailers face, and how vendors can stand out in a competitive environment, Zipline Logistics surveyed retail buyers directly.

90% of Blockchain-Based Supply Chain Initiatives Will Suffer ‘Blockchain Fatigue’ by 2023
According to a survey by Gartner, supply chain leaders are failing to find suitable use cases for blockchain technology mainly because supply chain blockchain projects are very limited and do not match the initial enthusiasm for the technology’s application.

Ecommerce & Logistics Firms Dominate Largest Warehouse Deals in 2018
Ecommerce and logistics companies claimed a larger share of the 100 largest industrial-and-logistics leases signed in 2018 than they did a year earlier, underscoring the growing influence of those companies on U.S. warehouse construction, according to a new report from CBRE.

Impact of Automation & Artificial Intelligence on the Workforce
A new Brookings report forecasts automation’s sizable impacts on the American workforce through 2030, the authors find demographic and geographic variation in susceptibility throughout the United States based on analysis of over 300 occupations.

Reconfiguring Nanostore Retail Supply Chains to Combat the Nutritional Food Desert
Urban populations in emerging economies often buy their nutritional food supplies, called food deserts, from small, mom-and-pop retailers called nanostores, a nanostore is defined as a small, family-owned outlet operated by fewer than five people located in a densely populated neighborhood.

On-Time Delivery Benchmarking Report for Shippers
Transplace, a leading provider of transportation management services and logistics technology solutions, has announced the formal release of its Weekly Supplier Performance Benchmarking Report to help shippers meet the delivery requirements set by major retailers.

IDC’s MarketScape Leaders for Multi-Enterprise Supply Chain Commerce Networks
One Network Enterprises has been recognized as a clear leader in IDC's MarketScape for Multi-Enterprise Supply Chain Commerce Network report, the research identifies One Network Enterprises for its modular, adaptable, and multi-enterprise business network.

Demystifying Blockchain Technology and its Potential Capacity to Transform Global Trade
Amid growing interest and debate on blockchain, the World Trade Organization has launched a new publication titled “can blockchain revolutionize international trade?” that seeks to demystify the technology and analyze its capacity to transform global trade.

Global Supply Chain Pricing Could Face New Pressures in 2019
The risk of an escalation in trade conflicts remains elevated, and one major risk in the coming year is the sharp drop-off in world trade growth, which fell from a pace of above 5% at the beginning of 2018 to nearly zero at the end, if such an escalation were to occur, a contraction in world trade could slow the world economy even more.

Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Multienterprise Supply Chain Business Networks Report
Uniquely positioned to assist companies with their digital transformation initiatives, E2open ranked as the leader with the highest overall score in Gartner’s magic quadrant for multi-enterprise supply chain business networks report.

One Network Ranks Highest in Nucleus Research’s 2018 Control Tower Value Matrix
For the third consecutive year, Nucleus’s complimentary Nucleus Research Control Towers Value Matrix 2018 recognizes one network for helping customers move from siloed, legacy systems to a collaborative, modern real-time network.

Blockchain Ready to Transform Global Supply Chains By 2025
Worldwide analysis of leading organizations implementing blockchain by the Capgemini Research Institute demonstrates the technology’s potential to transform supply chains across the globe.

Digitization and Autonomous Driving to Halve Logistics Costs by 2030, finds PwC Study
The Global Truck Study 2018 study by PwC’s Strategy& indicates that By 2030, trucking and logistics will be an ecosystem of autonomous vehicles directed by a digitized supply chain, combining driverless, cabless trucks and delivery hubs staffed by robots.


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