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Artificial Intelligence to Drive M&A Activity in Supply Chain
Supply chain mergers and acquisitions have been slowed for several reasons, but declining inflation, stabilization of interest rates, and artificial intelligence could fuel more deals.
UPS Acquires Same-Day SaaS Delivery Management & Orchestration Technology Company Delivery Solutions
The acquisition provides customers access to carrier-independent, same-day delivery with plug-and-play options.
E2open Acquires Global Multi-Carrier Ecommerce Shipping Software Platform Logistyx Technologies
The $185 Million acquisition combines complementary cloud-based solutions and global multi-carrier ecommerce capabilities to E2open’s network and end-to-end supply chain operating platform.
Uber Freight to Acquire Transportation and Logistics Company Transplace for $2.25 Billion
The transaction will create an industry-leading combined Freight Technology Operating System to enable a comprehensive end-to-end shipper-to-carrier solution, unlocking new levels of efficiency and service.

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The 2022 Annual State of Supply Management Report
This Verusen annual survey explores supply chain professionals’ current perspectives, activities, and challenges related to the impact of...
Preparing your Supply Chain for Mergers and Acquisitions
Ensuring business continuity and sustainability in the face of organizational restructuring.

Mergers & Acquisitions News

Behind the Zebra - Motorola acquisition
Zebra gains instant access to complimentary technologies. But first, it needs to integrate a former partner that is 2-1/2 times its size.

How to Use Supply Chain Design to Craft Successful M&A Activities
Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) present an incomparable number of options for the design of the new organization’s supply chain; a staggering percentage of initiatives fail to meet executive and shareholder expectations. Supply chain design technology enables companies to model their supply chains, evaluate alternatives, optimize the structure and simulate multiple scenarios in order to predict the resulting operational performance of the merged organizations.

Intersections: Q4 2013 Transportation & Logistics Industry Mergers and Acquisitions Analysis
In 2014, we expect the transportation and logistics sector to experience 10.5 percent growth in announced volume and 15.5 percent growth in announced value compared with 2013.

PwC Reports Transportation and Logistics M&A Activity Finishes Strong in 2013
The fourth quarter of 2013 was robust by recent historical standards, with the second highest quarterly deal volume and value totals of the last three years.

JDA FOCUS Challenges Attendees to Think Outside the Silo
The 2,600 primarily customer attendees at this year’s JDA FOCUS were looking for lots of things. They wanted to learn about JDA eight, a cloud-based bundle of more than 30 supply chain software products built on a single platform. And they wanted to know how any one of those products – WMS, TMS, SCMP—might improve their businesses.

UPS to Acquire Hungarian Healthcare Logistics Company CEMELOG
UPS announced it will purchase Hungary-based pharmaceutical logistics company, CEMELOG Zrt, as part of its ongoing global growth and investment strategy.

UPS Becomes First Global Express Delivery Company to be 100 Percent Owned in Vietnam
UPS has officially acquired the 49 percent interest of Vietnam-based VN Express in the joint delivery venture between the companies, whom initially first partnered in 1994, with VN Express serving at UPS’s authorized agent in Vietnam, prior to establishing a joint stock company in 2010.

Questions & Answers with Vitran Corporation President and CEO Rick Gaetz
Group News Editor Jeff Berman recently spoke with Vitran Corporation President and CEO Rick Gaetz about the North American less-than-truckload (LTL) market, Vitran’s recent divestiture of its Supply Chain Operation (SCO) 3PL subsidiary, and the freight economy, among other topics.

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Proxima is the US/UK market leading advisory firm servicing large organizations wishing to maximize the financial and operational performance of their supplier base.
Armstrong and Associates
Armstrong & Associates, Inc. is a supply chain management market research and consulting firm specializing in competitive benchmarking, mergers and acquisitions, strategic planning, logistics outsourcing, centralized transportation management programs, and supply chain systems evaluation and selection. Armstrong & Associates publishes…
PwC focuses on audit and assurance, tax and consulting services. Additionally, in the US, PwC concentrates on 16 key industries and provides targeted services that include — but are not limited to — human resources, deals, forensics, and consulting services. We help resolve…
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