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Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx has pushed Congress to approve a six-year, $478 billion transportation funding measure, but lawmakers have balked at the proposal’s funding mechanism.

NASA released a photo to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Hubble, which was launched into orbit on April 24, 1990 - It's an image of a relatively young star cluster - only about 2 million years old.

Trade Promotion Authority critical to advancing International Trade Agreements - Free and open trade benefits American businesses and consumers.

The chamber passed the revenue bill on a 27-22 bipartisan vote and negotiations with the House will begin, and they also passed a spending bill that designates the money to specific projects.

U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker announced new data that shows 26 states achieved records in goods exports in 2014, while eight additional states experienced growth in merchandise exports over 2013 levels.

Shippers and transportation intermediaries are opposing a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration proposal designed against putting undue pressure on truck drivers to violate hours of service and other rules.

Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx speaks at the the Transportation Research Board annual meeting in Washington.

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Wednesday, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler signaled that he will move to protect Net Neutrality by reclassifying Internet-access service under Title II of the Communications Act.

The Senate is expected to vote on highway funding proposals this week, including an $11 billion measure the House approved last week that would keep the fund solvent through May 2015.

Stewart took Congress to task failing to pass a multi-year extension that transportation advocates have argued would allow the nation to make more progress on fixing its aging infrastructure.

The federal government's current level of spending on transportation projects is about $50 billion, which infrastructure advocates say is barely enough to maintain the current state of the nation's roads and bridges.

The goal of this paper was to make an initial case for a broadband discrimination regime as an alternative to the structural remedy of open access to achieve the goal of network neutrality.

Trade and Investment Barriers Report 2014 - This report underlines again that barriers to access the markets of the EU’s strategic partners continue to persist in various ways.

As the EU slowly recovers from its economic doldrums, member nations vie for U.S. investment and logistical services while shippers increase their willingness to enlarge operations on the continent.

The GROW AMERICA Act will provide rail with a predictable, dedicated funding source and the tools needed to drive the next generation of rail safety and development.

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