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Auto ID & Data Capture

Auto ID & Data Capture Top Stories

Improve Warehouse Operations with Quick and Accurate Product Data
How a retail chain used dimensioning data to optimize storage space and improve operations.
Next-Generation Data Capture Technology Emerges
New types of “edge” technologies promise new options for real-time location insights - learn how these emerging forms of data capture might supplement traditional AIDC as well as the importance of software platforms, analytics, and applications that take advantage of...
Boost Efficiency in your Retail Distribution Center with RFID
RFID technology offers a long list of proven benefits to retailers seeking to enhance their supply chain.
Ensuring RFID Optimization and Bottom Line Payoff
If a company’s RFID system today is still the original “slap and ship” system adopted to simply satisfy the requirements of a supply chain partner, it may as well be slapping dollar bills onto those cartons and pallets.

Auto ID & Data Capture Resources

How to Implement RFID to Track RTIs - Part 2
There are different tracking technologies with their strengths and weaknesses, but which one is best suited for efficiently...
Why Use RFID to Track RTIs - Part 1
In this whitepaper, you will learn how different identification technology can be assigned to RTI's and how to...

Auto ID & Data Capture News

Track/Trace Solutions for the Food Processing Industry
Download the white paper track and trace from farm to fork and learn why visibility in the food processing industry is becoming more and more important.

The Next Evolution in Data Capture
With more than 5 billion barcodes are scanned each day, supply chains would be wise to consider migrating to 2D technology.

Making Dock Operations Smarter and More Connected
As the volume of shipments continues to grow, logistics companies need technology that helps them move packages and cargo safely, efficiently and cost-effectively.

How Technology Can Improve Operations
Over the coming years, IoT, Big Data, and mobile devices/applications should all play a larger role in helping companies create streamlined, end-to-end supply chains that span the globe, whether they’re operating in mature markets or emerging economies, these firms will continue to rely on technology that helps improve their operations and bring them closer to their customers.

2017 Retail Vision Study
To gain a deeper understanding of retailers’ focus, concerns and investment plans, Zebra conducted a global research study across a wide spectrum of retail segments, including: specialty stores, department stores, apparel merchants, supermarkets, electronics, home improvement and drugstore chains.

Seven in Ten Retailers to Invest in IoT Technologies
Nearly 70% of retail decision makers surveyed are ready to make changes to adopt the Internet of Things (IoT), and 65% plan to invest in automation technologies for inventory management and planogram compliance by 2021.

The Next Giant Leap in Optics ‘Metalenses’
While batteries, screens and other electronic components get smaller and smaller, lenses have not done their part, until now, with a material science approach, scientists have created tiny meta-material lenses.

RFID at the Source
RFID technology provides superior inventory tracking capabilities that can be used to improve process efficiencies and inventory visibility throughout the supply chain.

How the Internet of Things is Transforming Manufacturing Today
A new study finds the manufacturing industry is ready for the Internet of Things, with 83% of surveyed manufacturers either already using IoT technologies or planning to deploy within a year.

Leveraging a Mobile Platform for Automated Data Collection and Beyond
A mobile platform that starts in manufacturing and the warehouse can provide a secure foundation to mobilize the entire supply chain.

10 Steps to Finding The Right Mobile Device
Technology is evolving faster than ever and the available options – models, suppliers, configurations and operating systems – seem to multiply by the minute.

Home Depot’s Custom Smartphone Does Inventory & Mobile Point of Sale
Home Depot associates across the U.S. will be armed with the next generation FIRST Phone, a proprietary Zebra Technologies device used to improve customer service and efficiency in the aisles.

Automatic Identification of Pallets
Scan one or multiple codes on any pallet indoor or outdoor, even if the codes are damaged, scratched, folded or covered with a film, and achieve the highest read rates on the market no matter if the reader is fixed on the wall, on a conveyor or even directly placed on a forklift.

Fixed-Mount and Handheld Barcode Readers
Cognex barcode readers: Any code, every time.

The Benefits of Integrated Lighting & Lenses
Integrated lighting and lens are two of the more recent developments in machine vision technology that deliver even greater convenience and ease-of-use to manufacturers and machine builders. This "all-in-one" solution can deliver solid benefits to end users looking to achieve the highest quality inspection results from a flexible, easy-to-use vision system.

Best Practices in Improving Container Management and Increasing Supply Chain Efficiencies
A Five Step Plan to Implement Container Management Solutions and Improve Supply Chain Visibility.

Optimizing the Management of Your Barcode Systems
Barcode inventory management systems need to be updated from time to time to keep up with new demands, and inventory managers need to carefully plan ahead for implementation.

Maximize Supply Chain Visibility in a Connected World
If you are not implementing automated identification and data collection systems to lay the foundation for competing in the Smart Supply Network 3.0, you will probably not be able to catch up.

Top 10 Losing Warehouse Strategies and How to Avoid Them
Albert Einstein said that insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” So consider dropping the losing strategies and adopt the innovative alternatives presented here.

NFL Partners With Zebra Technologies To Provide Next Generation Player Tracking
As a Next Gen Stats provider to the NFL, Zebra captures high-speed player data and converts it into real-time, usable statistics - the playbook redefined with every snap.

Featured Companies

Siemens Corporation is a U.S. subsidiary of Siemens AG, a global technology powerhouse that has stood for engineering excellence, innovation, quality, reliability and internationality for more than 165 years. With 343,000 employees in more than 200 countries, Siemens reported worldwide revenue of…
Opticon is a worldwide family of companies consisting of OPTO Electronics (Japan), Opticon Inc. (North America) located in Renton, Washington, and Opticon Sensors Europe BV (Netherlands). Founded in 1976, the company has a proud tradition of developing and manufacturing world-class 1D…
Supply Chain Services
Supply Chain Services is a full service provider of barcode data collection solutions. Supply Chain Services delivers barcode scanning and barcode printing equipment, as well as support services to warehousing, manufacturing, and distribution organizations.
Improve inventory tracking, management and identification of products with Turck’s RFID hardware, systems, services and software. Today’s smart warehouses rely on solutions from Turck to solve a variety of applications, including speeding up data performance for faster fulfillment,…
Cognex Corporation
Cognex Corporation is the world’s leading provider of vision systems, vision software, vision sensors and surface inspection systems used in manufacturing automation.  Cognex is also a leader in industrial ID readers. Typical applications for machine vision include detecting…
Miles Data Technologies
Miles Data has been providing supply chain data management solutions for over 25 years. In partnership with the leading manufacturers of Barcode and RFID technology, we combine award winning product design with our application expertise. Companies of all sizes rely on…
Elettric 80
Elettric 80 is a global provider of end-of-line automation solutions which increase operational profitability and efficiency using Automated Laser Guided Vehicle, Robots, palletising system, wrapping and WMS systems
I.D. Systems
Founded by two engineering classmates at Stanford University in 1993, I.D. Systems has pioneered the use of RFID (radio frequency identification) technology for wireless vehicle management and fleet tracking. Today, I.D. Systems is a leading global provider of wireless…
Datamax O’Neil
Datamax-O’Neil designs, manufactures and markets one of the industry’s most complete line of stationary and portable label and receipt printing solution products.  These printing solutions enable manufacturing and supply markets to capture the benefits of automated product…
Motorola Solutions
Motorola Solutions is a leading provider of mission-critical communication solutions and services for enterprise and government customers. Through leading-edge innovation and communications technology, it is a global leader that enables its customers to be their best in the moments that…
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