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Artificial Intelligence to Drive M&A Activity in Supply Chain
Supply chain mergers and acquisitions have been slowed for several reasons, but declining inflation, stabilization of interest rates, and artificial intelligence could fuel more deals.
Bank of America Introduces Digital Supply Chain Finance Platform
Bank of America is adding a supply chain module to its popular CashPro Trade platform, enabling faster processing of financial transactions for global supply chains.
National Retail Federation Seeks to ‘Close the Loop,’ Acquires Reverse Logistics Association
The National Retail Federation is acquiring the Reverse Logistics Association as it looks to bolster its circular economy expertise.
Yellow’s Demise Underscores the Need for a New Labor Relations Narrative
The bankruptcy of trucking company Yellow has attracted considerable attention since the story broke early this month. But an aspect of the story that is under-reported is how the demise of a 99-year-old trucker and the loss of an estimated 30,000...

Business Resources

Ecommerce and Packaging, From All Angles
Top-of-mind CPG concerns around e-commerce packaging are addressed, including package design, sustainability, specialized packaging equipment, and Amazon’s...
Top 7 Retail Distribution Models, Explained
You have products to sell. And customers that want to buy them. But do you know the best...

Business News

How Supply Chain Can Teach Us About the Future of Professional Education
Labor problems are currently one of the most pressing issues in society, especially when it comes to finding talented people for current and future jobs.

Putting Supply Chain Certification to Work
Supply chain certification providers are pushed to come up with new ways to serve up education on a broad level, but also for very specific, relevant topics.

Optimize your workforce with accurate location infrastructure
Your workforce is the face of your business, which is why proper workforce management is critical to delivering great customer experiences. Use Radar’s location infrastructure to deliver accurate ETAs, identify insights into workforce efficiencies, and increase customer satisfaction.

E-Commerce Automation for a Post-Pandemic World
Robotic based automation solutions enable the flexibility to effectively manage both seasonal and sustained growth.

Tracking and Reducing Transportation Emissions
Talk of greenhouse gas emissions seems to be everywhere today. Not only do emissions factor heavily into the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics investors care about, but it looks ever-more-likely that being a carbon emitter will soon have a direct economic cost.

Embracing the Cross-Border E-Commerce Opportunity
An e2open research report exploring the growth of cross-border e-commerce through consumers’ eyes.

New Inventory Problems Expose Old Supply Chain Weaknesses
Companies are trying all manner of ways to rid themselves of bloated inventories at a time when they typically build inventory for the end-of-year holiday season. How did they find themselves in such a mess?

Become a Supply Chain Top Gun
Learn why you need to manage the moment like Maverick.

How Does the Inflation Reduction Act Impact Industrial Real Estate?
If the Inflation Reduction Act is to meet its goal of reducing carbon emissions by 40% by 2030, the industrial real estate sector will have a part to play.

Talking Supply Chain Podcast: Insights on Leaders - The Top 25
On this episode, Gartner’s Mike Griswold discusses this year’s list of the Top 25 Supply Chains. SCMR’s Editorial Director Bob Trebilcock hosts.

Building Supply Chain Resilience Is Much More than Fixing Supply Problems
Companies need to map these critical linkages in their supply chains when evaluating risk and resilience. When one element is disrupted, it is likely that other parts of the system will be impaired as well.

Aligning People, Process & Technology
This paper separates people, process & technology and breaks down some of the key challenges associated with each, along with the solutions for aligning them.

Market Dojo Accelerates Growth with the Completion of Esker Acquiring a Majority Share
British startup Market Dojo revolutionizes procurement standards by offering a 100% cloud eSourcing solution.

5 Reasons Business Transformations are Doomed to Fail
Companies are too often nearsighted when it comes to identifying challenges, business transformation isn’t about managing the gaps - it’s about preventing them.

The Continuous Evolution of Business Practices
This issue of Advanced Resources HR Insights features analyses and suggestions that can help your organization manage the uncertainty that lies ahead as business practices continue to evolve.

Work Matters: Diving into Business Transformation
In this issue of Work Matters, the goal is to help leaders understand that each company’s transformation path is its own, based on its unique challenges, business goals, and market opportunities.

Talking Supply Chain Podcast: The Power of Employee Engagement?
On this episode, COO Simon Rakosi discusses why engaged employees are more productive and less likely to leave. SCMR’s Editorial Director Bob Trebilcock hosts.

Manufacturing Industry: Why You Can’t Afford to Wait for Digital Transformation
This playbook offers Manufacturers a realistic and viable guide to balancing immediate needs with future-focused strategy.

Can Globalization Be Rejuvenated?
Is globalization in terminal decline, or will it survive or even thrive in some other form?

Are There Counterfeits in Your Global Supply Chain?
Listen in as Rosemary Coates and Kari Kammel, the Director of the Anti-counterfeiting and Product Protection Center at Michigan State University.

Featured Companies

Brigham Young University
Brigham Young University Marriott School of Management offers a BS in Global Supply Chain Management. Coursework is designed to prepare students for managerial positions in manufacturing and service industries in the areas of purchasing, operations, logistics, customer service, and supply…
Newcastle Systems
Newcastle Systems is a provider of workplace mobility solutions that include a range of mobile computer carts for every mobile workstation need and a unique power pack system that enables companies to maximize workplace efficiencies with smaller investment. Newcastle Systems…
Dynamo is a logistics, supply chain and transportation accelerator program and early stage fund in Chattanooga, TN. Industry veterans Ted Alling, Barry Large, and Allan Davis, who started Access America Transport and grew it to a multimillion dollar company in…
World Employment Confederation
The World Employment Confederation is the voice of the employment industry at global level, representing labour market enablers in 50 countries and 7 of the largest international workforce solutions companies. The World Employment Confederation brings unique access to and engagement with international…
Adelante SCM
Adelante facilitates the sharing of ideas, knowledge, and best practices between Supply Chain and Logistics executives in a private, trusted, and solicitation-free environment. Members gain practical knowledge and advice directly from other leaders that they can apply immediately at their…
Tecsys is a global provider of supply chain solutions that equip the borderless enterprise for growth. Organizations thrive when they have the software, technology, and expertise to drive operational greatness and deliver on their brand promise. Spanning healthcare, retail, service…
Citrus Systems
Citrus Systems is known among consumers as one of the pioneers of shelf-stable juice packs under the Citrus Sun brand. Since they launched in 1985 the success of the company both with their house brand and other customer products has enabled…
Delft University of Technology
TU Delft collaborates with a large number of other educational and research institutes within the Netherlands and abroad and has a reputation for high-quality teaching and research. TU Delft has extensive contacts with governments, trade organisations, consultancies, the industry and…
BNL Finance
BNL Finance is a financial news, research, opinion, and analysis site with an emphasis on thought-provoking content. BNL Finance was created by author and columnist Brian Nichols. BNL Finance covers a wide range of topics from Breaking News to individual…
Network for Business Sustainability
A Canadian non-profit established in 2005, the Network for Business Sustainability is a powerful and growing network of international academic experts and business leaders. NBS produces authoritative resources on important sustainability issues – with the goal of shaping management practice and research.…
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Featured Downloads

Becoming a Shipper of Choice
Becoming a Shipper of Choice
C3 solutions' scheduling software streamlines the shipping process.
Thinking Differently About Supply Chain Planning
Thinking Differently About Supply Chain Planning
Political landscapes shift overnight, global trade is constantly changing, consumers demand increasingly personalized service and smaller day-to-day challenges hit without warning. If...

Rapidly Improve the Performance of Your Warehouse Logistics
Rapidly Improve the Performance of Your Warehouse Logistics
The Rapid Performance Evaluation identifies opportunities and potential improvements in every aspect of warehouse logistics operations; performance, productivity, service, quality, and systems.
Resource Management System (RMS): How to Effectively Leverage Your Assets
Resource Management System (RMS): How to Effectively Leverage Your Assets
This guide provides an in-depth analysis of the potential of various resources available in a warehouse and how they can be utilized...
Sustainable Supply Chain Insights From PITT OHIO
Sustainable Supply Chain Insights From PITT OHIO
A whitepaper on supply chain insights gleaned at the LEED-certified gold Cleveland transportation and sustainability summit.