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Moody’s: Carbon Offsets Open Supply Chains Up to Financial, Reputational Risks
A new report from Moody's finds that companies that rely on buying carbon offsets as an emisisons-reduction strategy could face financial and reputational harm.
Shippers Focus on Yield Management as Rates Continue to Rise
With FedEx and UPS raising their rates, savvy shippers can still find rate value for 2024, but time may be running out.
Looking at the Air Cargo Sector with Brandon Fried, Airforwarders Association
In this podcast, Jeff Berman, Group News Editor for Logistics Management and the Peerless Media Supply Chain Group, interviews Brandon Fried, Executive Director at the Washington, D.C.-based Airforwarders Association (AfA).
Amazon Prime Air Will Grow to 200 Planes Rivaling UPS FedEx’s Prime Air fleet will grow to about 200 planes, up from 42 now, in the next seven or eight years, creating an air cargo service that could rival United Parcel Service Inc. and FedEx Corp., according to a recent...

Air Resources

Primed & Positioned: Strategic Moves by Amazon Air
This independently produced brief offers an overview of Amazon Air’s evolving orientation between September 2020 and February 2021.
Insights into Amazon Air 2020’s Transportation Juggernaut
This briefing offers an overview of Amazon Air, providing insights on its size, scope, and evolving logistics role,...

Air News

West Coast Port Lockouts and the Sea’s Importance in the Supply Chain
An estimated $1 trillion dollars in goods moves through those ports annually, and when those goods stop moving, supply chains nationwide get broken.

Deutsche Bahn Sues Airlines Over Price-Fixing
German rail operator Deutsche Bahn (DB) is filing a billion-euro lawsuit against more than a dozen airlines over allegations of running a 'global cargo cartel.' Germany's Lufthansa is reportedly the main target.

Black Friday Peak for Air Freight Rates, But Port Congestion May Bring a Xmas Bonus
Rates for eastbound transpacific increased particularly fast, indicative that pricing on that route was inflated somewhat by a modal shift from ocean to air in response to potential delays at US West Coast ports.

The Extraordinary Rolls-Royce Technology Behind Your Flight
Aircraft in flight anywhere in the world automatically report back via satellite to the Rolls-Royce Service Operations Room where our team looks at, compares and reports on half a billion engine data reports every year. The data is analysed, trends extrapolated, anomalies detected and, often unknown to the pilot, preparations are made at the arrival airport to take remedial action and send the aircraft on its next leg with no delays.

‘Airshipping’- Perhaps the Logistics of Freight by Blimp aren’t Just Hot Air
The unveiling of the Aeroscraft, a 266 feet long and 110 feet wide lighter-than-air craft by the now Californian based Worldwide Aeros company simply shows that some maintain faith that the concept so enthusiastically pursued by Count Zeppelin still has a place in the modern age, at least in selected logistics situations, carrying suitable freight to and from certain inhospitable regions.

6 Things You May Not Know About Marine Cargo Insurance
Marine cargo insurance policies are unique compared to other insurance policies. This is because international ocean and air shipments are subject to a unique set of laws that limit the liability of carriers. So how do you better protect your freight in transit? Here are six things you may not have known about marine cargo insurance and why it’s a good idea to add a policy.

FAA Selects Research & Test Sites for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones)
The FAA has selected six UAS test site operators that will allow the agency to develop research findings and operational experiences to help ensure the safe integration of UAS into the nation's airspace as we transition to a system featuring NextGen technologies and procedures.

Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee to Hold Hearings on Amazon Drones
Amazon's plans for using drones to deliver packages is just one example of the potential this technology offers consumers, and a reflection of the ingenuity of American business.

Transportation & Logistics Companies Reap the Benefits of U.S. Shale Gas Boom, Says PwC US
As the shale energy revolution is gaining speed in the U.S., transportation and logistics companies are experiencing an immediate and dramatic impact, according to a new PwC US report, Shale Energy: A potential game changer – Implications for the US transportation & logistics industry.

Will the U.S. Government Shutdown Impact Transportation?
All eyes are on Congress regarding funding to keep the U.S. government open. If the government does shutdown, between 800,000 and 2.1 million employees across the federal government will not be at work. This will include some who work to keep our freight moving safely across the country and the world.

Drones – The Birth of a New Transportation Mode
"I believe we’re witnessing the birth of a new transportation mode, one that will take many years to develop and mature (but will probably happen sooner than we think)."

A Drone Delivers Your Package?
So, what is the implication for logistics? Well, just like what I have been discussing relative to 3D Printing, there is a chance this could revolutionize air freight delivery in the package space.

The New State of Logistics: Air
The air cargo business continues to suffer the brunt of the impact of the weak outlook in developed economies. Freight volumes are expected to be basically stagnant at 52.1 million tons, and there has been no significant growth since 2010 when freight volumes were 50.7 million tons.

“Modal Agnostic” - Seeking Capacity When and Where it Makes the Most Economic Sense
Today’s savviest logistics practitioners are driving out costs from the transportation system and creating new “omni-channel” distribution networks designed to take advantage of customers’ changing buying habits. The results of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals’ 24th Annual State of Logistics Report, co-sponsored by Penske Logistics, shows that the sharpest logistics management professionals are saving their companies millions in transport, warehouse, and shipping costs.

Global Air Freight Logistics Industry Market Research Report from IBISWorld Has Been Updated
The Global Air Freight Logistics industry primarily transports commercial cargo as well as time-sensitive freight and mail; however, because the industry moves goods throughout the world, it is dependent on the level of international trade between countries. For these reasons, industry research firm IBISWorld has updated a report on the Global Air Freight Logistics industry to its growing report collection.

Is Your Logistics Provider a Strategic Partner in Your Supply Chain Operations?
You make your business decisions on the best information you can. But it’s easy to be held back by assumptions that don’t always hold up. Busting the following two major myths and constituent assumptions will help you make the best decisions you can with regard to choosing a logistics company.

NASSTRAC Study Takes a Wide Look at Shipper Insights
A recently released study from the National Shippers Strategic Council (NASSTRAC), entitled “Freight Transportation 2013,” revealed many interesting takeaways on various links of today’s supply chain operations and performance.

Freight Transportation 2013: State of the Industry Report
This report explores shippers’ perspectives of emerging trends in the freight transportation industry. It addresses issues related to business strategy, collaboration practices, carrier selection, rates, capacity, mode selection, outsourcing, advocacy issues, technology, sustainability, and more.

Q&A with Airforwarders Association Executive Director Brandon Fried
Having just presided over the Airforwarder Association’s annual conference in Las Vegas earlier this month, executive director, Brandon Fried shared his insights with Logistics Management's Executive Editor Patrick Burnson.

Trade Tech is First US Provider Authorized to File Manifests Under Japan’s New 24-Hour Rule
Japan’s Advance Filing Rules require vessel operators and NVOCCs to electronically submit detailed information on maritime container cargoes at least 24 hours before departure of the vessel from a port of loading. Japan’s 24-hour rule mirrors requirements already in place for the US, Canada, Mexico and the European Union.

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Kuehne Nagel
With over 63,000 employees at more than 1000 locations in over 100 countries, the Kuehne + Nagel Group is one of the world’s leading logistics companies. Its strong market position lies in the seafreight, airfreight, contract logistics and overland businesses, with a clear…
We are creating the next paradigm for transportation using a network of unmanned aerial vehicles.
SEKO Logistics
SEKO provides complete Supply Chain Solutions, specializing in transportation, logistics, forwarding and warehousing. We also lead the industry with innovative and configurable IT solutions, which provide a seamless flow of information and give our growing customer base true supply chain…
Kenneth Clark Co.
As a global logistics and project management company specializing in the movement of oversized and overweight cargo, we have over 50 years experience providing White Glove Service to companies big and small. When we handle your shipment, we oversee every detail.
Exceptional personal service and renowned expertise set us apart from the competition. The premier freight shipping companies of ABF Freight and ABF Logistics go the extra mile day in and day out so our customers can have total confidence in…
AeroMobil. Beautiful flying car. Beautifully integrated. Transforms in seconds from an automobile to an airplane. Gives you freedom to move. AeroMobil is a flying car that perfectly makes use of existing infrastructure created for automobiles and planes, and opens doors…
Founded 27 years ago in the U.S., the Aeroscraft Corporation (Aeros) has grown from a small aerostat production manufacturer to a leading FAA-certified airship producer and R&D firm for the aerospace industry. Aeros has achieved multiple FAA airship…
Scarbrough International
Headquartered in the heart of America, Kansas City, Missouri – Scarbrough International, Ltd. is a full service international and domestic logistics provider with offices throughout the Midwest USA. With an office in Shanghai and partner offices in each country across the…
CgoXchange provides a secure, applications based digital air cargo control panel to airlines, forwarders, shippers and trucking companies. The initial applications digitally interface air cargo buyers with sellers. Users will add and delete applications as appropriate for their specific business…
The Panalpina Group is one of the world’s leading providers of supply chain solutions. The company combines its core products of Air Freight, Ocean Freight, and Logistics to deliver globally integrated, tailor-made end-to-end solutions. Drawing on in-depth industry know-how…
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Becoming a Shipper of Choice
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Thinking Differently About Supply Chain Planning
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Rapidly Improve the Performance of Your Warehouse Logistics
Rapidly Improve the Performance of Your Warehouse Logistics
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Sustainable Supply Chain Insights From PITT OHIO
Sustainable Supply Chain Insights From PITT OHIO
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