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How automation, robotics, software and
advanced technologies are enabling warehouse/DC operations to
prepare for growth and a more resilient future.

The Value of Robotics
in DHL's Supply Chain Transformation

Our Keynote features a conversation with Sally Miller, Global Digital Transformation Officer for DHL Supply Chain. The overall focus of the discussion will be on how robotics is transforming DHL Supply Chain’s operations in terms of productivity, meeting service levels, and protecting workers from repetitive or non-value-added tasks.

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Session 1: Automation
Automation: What's working?
What's being overlooked?

In this session, you will gain a better understanding of warehouse/DC automation; learn when and where to apply it; and important steps to take to assess your operation’s specific automation needs.

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Session 2: Mobility
Giving operations the next leg up

In this session, our speaker will assess the current advanced state of mobile technology solutions, including device trends, wearables, RFID and real-time location tracking, machine vision, voice solutions, as well as wireless networking and 5G advancements.

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Session 3: SCM Software
Tying operational design to execution

In this session, our speaker takes a closer look at how businesses large and small can leverage SCM solutions to drive efficiency and flexibility while proactively positioning themselves for success.

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Session 4: Robotics
The outlook for piece-picking robotics

In this session, the speaker will explain the underlying dynamics behind piece-picking robotics, what’s involved in terms of hardware and software, and give an overview of the market outlook for piece-picking robotics solutions.

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Session 5: Robotics
Heterogeneous fleets drive orchestration

In this session, our speaker explains how the trend toward robotics from multiple providers has given rise to a software niche that’s being called “multi-agent orchestration”—platforms that coordinate processes between heterogeneous fleets of robots, other forms of automation, and can tie into business systems like warehouse management software.

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