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Peerless Media's Supply Chain 24/7 brings together the best minds in the industry and the latest News, Reports, Case Studies, White Papers, Webcasts, Research, and more!

Only on Supply Chain 24/7, will you find everything you need when researching companies, trends, and the latest supply chain topics.

As the most trusted and relevant content provider in the supply chain industry, we bring together all the latest news and industry intelligence from our flagship multi-media publications;

In addition, we add trusted market analysis and trends from our Research Group (PRG), as well as collateral from industry leaders and relevant content from across the web to bring professionals in the industry unparalleled access to highly customized and relevant content.

Supply Chain 24/7 Content Strategy

Supply Chain 24/7 puts the right content in front of the user at the right time by bringing together relevant content from across the web including articles, blogs, news, and resources.

Using our state-of-the-art content management system we first and foremost focus on the (supply chain) topic. We then 'search' everywhere for the most relevant 'topical' content.

Once we have established the 'informative' content we uniquely associate the company and/or companies associated with the content.

Once we have the companies, we look for the most relevant company resources (white papers, research, etc.) that further enhances the topic and user experience;

  • Supply Chain Topics
  • Article/Blogs
  • Resources
  • Company/Companies

Dynamically generated content to provide the best possible 'informative' online experience.

Supply Chain 24/7 Content Strategy Summary

TOPIC | ARTICLE | RESOURCES | COMPANY/COMPANIES | Totally focused on the educational and informative needs of supply chain professionals.

Additionally, Supply Chain 24/7 features content from over 2,000+ supply chain, logistics, technology, business, university, and distribution center-based companies - all available from one Website.

BrightDrop SC24/7 Company ProfileThe Future of the Last-Mile Ecosystem A New Business That Will Electrify and Improve the First-to-Last-Mile Delivery of Goods and Services

Supply Chain 24/7 Sponsor Testimonials

Cerasis on Supply Chain 24/7

"We, Cerasis, consider Peerless Media’s Supply Chain 24/7 a strategic partner in distributing our services and content to a qualified supply chain audience. Supply Chain 24/7’s unique methodology of understanding ‘content’ is amazing – they have nailed-it! Not only have we enjoyed getting targeted eyeballs of our desired audience on our content, but it’s yielded some serious results. Our investment with Supply Chain 24/7 has resulted in new customers and revenue for Cerasis. Sponsoring content at SupplyChain247.com has been instrumental in achieving our corporate and marketing goals." – Adam Robinson, formerly Marketing Manager, Cerasis

One Network Enterprises on Supply Chain 24/7

"One Network has been a sponsor of SupplyChain247 since it was first introduced in 2013. It's one of our key marketing investments and has consistently delivered long-term results. This is thanks to their dedicated editorial team that works on our behalf, with minimal demands on us. They bring domain expertise and are masters at leveraging existing content and resources, and packaging it all together into compelling articles and emails that get eyes, clicks, and leads. I highly recommend them." Nigel Duckworth, Senior Strategist Marketing, One Network Enterprises

C3 Solutions on Supply Chain 24/7

"Working with Peerless Media's Supply Chain 24/7 has been instrumental in providing both a physical ROI for our marketing goals, as well as aiding in the distribution of our content to an audience of highly qualified supply chain leaders. Their deep understanding of content marketing has helped us make sure that the right people are viewing the content they are actually looking to read. We look forward to a continued partnership with them." - Alexandra Lerch, Marketing & Communications, C3 Solutions

Kuebix on Supply Chain 24/7

"For over three years, SupplyChain 24/7 has served as an extension of Kuebix's marketing team. As we’ve seen rapid market growth, Supply Chain 24/7’s extraordinary editorial team has been beside us helping to get our message and thought-leadership in front of qualified supply chain professionals. We are confident that through our sponsorship we are reaching the right audiences that will drive clicks, leads, and deals for our company. The ROI and industry visibility we get from Supply Chain 24/7 helps us meet our company and marketing goals." – Sarah Clark, Sr. Director Marketing & Communications, Kuebix

MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics

“We have been able to extend our reach to new audiences with Peerless Media and the Supply Chain 24/7 placement. The unique combination of supplying useful content with timely updates has proved valuable in helping people learn about the opportunities we offer.” - Arthur Grau, Senior Communications Officer, MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics

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