Your Business Operating System Requires a Dual Platform Strategy

In this paper, we explain how network approaches expand your competitive advantage, and how a dual-platform strategy makes it achievable on a realistic timescale.

Enterprise-Centric Thinking No Longer Works

Embrace network thinking to maximize performance.

A Business Operating System (BOS) has traditionally been viewed as an enterprise-wide set of business processes and related decision-making capabilities.

Usually, the BOS extends across the enterprise structure, principles, and practices necessary to drive the organization to success - both strategically and tactically.

Historically, all this has been built from the perspective of a single enterprise – yours.

Today, this no longer works. Continue in that fashion, and you’ll be left behind by today’s business networks.

“Rather than looking at a Network Platform as a bolt-on to ERP, it actually becomes the primary platform….. the old ERP monolith becomes the bolt-on to the Network for financial processing.”

Achieve forecast accuracy in the 92-95% range. Order fill-rates and on-time in-full as high as 99%. Some companies have reduced inventories by as much as 50%.

This report explains how companies are seamlessly moving to the new model and achieving the results above, as well as:

  • Reducing supplier expediting costs by 60%
  • Reducing premium transportation by 50%
  • Reducing COGS by 3%
  • Reducing planning and execution effort by over 40%

This new report explains how you can use a dual-platform strategy to rapidly transition to the new digital model that drives these results. You will learn:

  • How to use your legacy systems as a launchpad to digital transformation, without wasting your investment or disrupting your current systems and operations
  • How to improve the effectiveness of your decision-making tenfold
  • The “secret sauce” needed to pull off a successful dual-platform strategy

WEBCAST How to Optimize Your Supply Chain with a Digital Twin

Date: Thursday, July 16, 2020 | Time: 12:00 PM EDT / 9:00 AM PDT

Apply prescriptive analytics to help you deliver the highest possible service levels at the lowest cost.

Joe Bellini, COO One Network Enterprises

The point of a digital twin is to analyze business questions - like improving node-to-node movements across your supply network, or driving policies that improve the customer experience and solve all the problems that present themselves across your supply network.

In this Webcast, we’ll explain why your digital twin needs to be a sandbox extension of your planning and operations platform – one that applies different statistical, machine learning, and AI algorithms along with various workflow options to solve problems.

If your planning/operations platform and the digital twin are one and the same system, you’ll be able to evaluate choices based on the top algorithms in the market, and then make those choices actionable in real-time. They can be strategic in nature, based on network design options that will benefit you two years from now, or can fix a problem that is expected to occur in the next few hours. Sound too good to be true? We’ll explain how.

One Network Enterprises is a leader in supply chain planning, execution, and digitization, so join COO Joe Bellini for insights on how to optimize performance, gain resilience, manage costs through thick and thin, and protect revenue growth with a digital twin strategy.

WEBCAST: How to Optimize Your Supply Chain with a Digital Twin

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