The Virtual Supply Chain “War Room” Playbook

In this playbook, we examine one best practice that leading supply chain teams are turning to as they adjust to the wide-ranging impact of the next normal for the supply chain: a virtual war room.

Executive Overview

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing huge disruptions across supply chains, both from an operational aspect as well as consumer behavior, which all businesses are struggling to respond to.

Some industries like consumer packaged goods, food & beverage, and healthcare are seeing massive demand spikes for specific products that supply chain teams are doing their best to match.

Other sectors, such as industrial manufacturing or retail, are seeing demand slowdowns or adjusting inventory based on shifts in sales channels to ecommerce.

For all industries, long-term supply shock ripples are likely to be felt for the next 12-18 months or more as production delays at impacted sites, material shortages, and scarcity of logistics space come to light.

Virtual War Room

A “war room” is where teams gather to review data and make strategic decisions during a crisis.

As more team members are sequestered at home, online collaboration is a must for decision making, making the war room “virtual.”

Putting together a virtual war room is a prudent way to help your organization drive quick and accurate decisions in a rapidly changing, complex situation.

Stockouts, Production Delays & Supplier Issues

Struggling to respond to stockouts, production delays & supplier issues?

Download and read this step-by-step guide to help you get a leg up on the disruptions.

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