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The State of Digital Transformation

This White Paper Report combines our research findings with insights into what transformation truly entails – plus, guidance from our data and digital mavens to ensure your company is on the right course.

A Customer-Led Perspective on Strategies, Obstacles, and Best Practices for Digital and Data Success

Digital transformation is no longer just a buzzword. It’s a necessary disruption that nearly every business must embrace. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all playbook – so, where do you start?

Pivotree decided to go straight to the source. We surveyed our B2B and B2C customers to ask what their digital transformation plans look like for the next three to five years, as well as the challenges that stand in their way.

The results paint a picture of significant opportunity, as well as potential gaps, that every company must address.

Download this research paper to learn about:

  • Most common growth strategies to expand your business
  • Biggest digital transformation drivers and roadblocks
  • The critical tactics and technology needed for transformation
  • The four best practices you need to kickstart a successful transformation


Over the past two decades, our society has ushered in social media, AI and Machine Learning, smartphones, and many other disrupters that have ignited a fire under the digital revolution. It’s happened quickly, leaving traditional companies wondering where to invest, what organizational changes to make, and how to strategize for the years ahead.

The ebb and flow of customer expectations and market changes will always be hard to predict. The goal of forward-thinking enterprises is to build a foundation that can quickly respond and adapt, no matter where the digital wave takes us next.

Move Beyond the Buzzword: Download a Research-Based Definitive Guide on the Realities of Digital Transformation Now!

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