The Smallest Possible Box: On Demand Packaging™

With an on-­‐demand packaging system, the precise box is made as needed, so the fit is perfect and damage is better avoided.

Corrugated packaging continues to have broad appeal among packaging buyers and end-users alike and remains today an environmentally preferable method for product delivery.

This type of packaging is versatile, cost-effective, allows for customization, and lends itself to product protection during shipping.

The corrugated box also factors into today’s economy, with 394.8 billion square feet of corrugated (31.9 million tons of containerboard) produced by U.S. paperboard mills in each year, according to a Fibre Box Association Annual Report.

With environmental impact concerns and process optimization primary considerations for the supply-chain environment, companies are making strides in using the minimum amount of packaging at the lowest possible cost to meet their sustainability goals.

Today’s leading companies are changing their packaging production lines by deciding to no longer purchase boxes. Although a bit counterintuitive, these companies are finding that the time required to make packaging on-­‐demand is less than the time required to find and move packaging that has been purchased conventionally. These companies have factored the time to plan inventory levels, address stockouts, and manage weekly visits by the corrugated vendor and have found that the time savings are significant.

On Demand packaging focuses on a total value perspective:

  • Optimizes processes and packaging material use
  • Achieves a smaller packaging footprint, lower labor costs, less waste, and increased product protection
  • Results in a 20 to 35 percent savings over conventional packaging supply chains


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