The Art of Consistent Perfect Order Delivery

This white paper defines what a perfect order is and details the technology that helps leaders achieve smart order fulfillment through optimized supply chain orchestration.

Smart Order Fulfillment Through Orchestration

Consistent perfect order delivery - on time and in full at the lowest possible cost – is critical.

Yet, recent surveys of supply chain stakeholders reveal that many don't have the technology necessary to achieve the perfect order.

Nearly half of respondents use legacy frameworks, such as spreadsheets and ERPs, and report that their supply chain business network operations are under a static set of logic rules.

Even those that report using cloud-based, dynamic technology that is flexible and easily configurable, claimed less than excellent end-to-end visibility, as well as integration and interoperability. So what's going on?

This white paper covers:

  • Why cloud-based, dynamic, and flexible point solutions do not always create dynamic, flexible, and resilient supply chains
  • What technology is best for today's supply chain complexity, which requires connecting and optimizing across the entire multi-flow, multi-party, multi-region supply chain ecosystem
  • A detailed overview of the 3 key capabilities that support intelligent and continuously optimized order fulfillment for perfect orders every time

In today’s supply chain complexity, consisting of multi-flow, multiparty, multi-region supply chains, solutions must connect and optimize across the entire ecosystem to truly and consistently deliver on the perfect order.

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