Sorting Out Your Sortation Options

The purpose of this white paper is to guide you through the process of evaluating and selecting the right “mission-critical” sortation solution for your facility.

Whether from growth, consolidation of facilities, mainstreaming of processes, business acquisitions or simply a need to become more efficient, there are several reasons to consider automated sortation solutions.

Even if you have a specific solution envisioned, you may want to evaluate several significant factors to be considered when choosing the “mission-critical” solution for your sortation system.

The purpose of this white paper is to guide you through the process of evaluating and selecting the right sortation solution for your facility.

Several widely accepted sortation technologies will be examined on a number of aspects that you should consider before deciding on the right fit for your needs.

Sortation technologies by item type

Sortation technologies by item type

This paper will walk through all of the important factors to consider as you “sort out your options” and ensure that you are making the right decisions for your facility’s needs today and years into the future.

  • Sorting Out Your Application
    Most sorters can be grouped into one of two high-level classifications – line or loop sorters.
  • Sorting Out Your Handling Requirements
    One set of factors that have a significant influence on MHE technology selection are the physical features of the items to be sorted, including the types of items and their packaging.
  • Sorting Out Your Rate
    Another critical factor to consider is the rate requirement of the system.
  • Sorting Out Other Considerations
    In addition to handling, rate and application requirements, several other factors can make a big impact on the technology decision.

This paper discusses critical factors to evaluate during a typical automated sortation investigation – but there are also several details which can only be learned through experience.

Download this paper to ensure the best possible, cost-effective solution is developed prior to submitting a budget for capital approval.

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