Rotary Transforms Fulfillment Operations To Meet Delivery Demands

With rising demand and shipping volumes, Rotary overhauled its fulfillment systems and processes to continue to meet their customers’ next-day delivery demands.

Rotary Corp., based in Glennville, GA is the world’s largest supplier of outdoor power equipment parts, tools and accessories, serving mass merchants, OEMs, repair shops and domestic and international distributors.

In the face of rising demand and shipping volumes, Rotary’s management team recognized that their current fulfillment systems and processes would not be able to scale to continue to meet their customers’ next-day delivery demands.

Rather than building from scratch, the company embarked on a seven-month project to reconfigure it’s 250,000 square foot central DC and reengineer its fulfillment processes. Part of the solution was the Lucas Warehouse Optimization Suite which provides intelligent voice-directed picking and replenishment alongside Rotary’s legacy LogPro WMS.

Ed Nelson, Rotary president and CEO:

“We began the journey with a detailed assessment and financial analysis of multiple alternatives. This ultimately resulted in a new and enhanced process flow for our shipping operations including warehouse inventory management, automated voice selection, advanced handling equipment and a redesigned conveyor system.”

The reconfigured DC includes a new two-level split case picking module, reconfigured full and split case picking areas and automated conveyors to QC and packing on a mezzanine. An outbound sortation system completed the infrastructure retrofit.

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