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OPEX’s Perfect Pick Solution

While other automation manufacturers boast of achieving high pick rates, these material handling solutions typically require a substantial footprint and multiple components including elevators, conveyors or lifts

A unique, automated, goods-to-man, picking solution that achieves superior throughput in a self-contained aisle that relies on a single component – the iBOT.®

Perfect Pick achieves unrivaled throughput yet is highly scalable and able to grow with your business. The simple modular design and unmatched scalability in both size and speed provides the opportunity to expand your Perfect Pick solution over time by adding racking modules and/or introducing additional iBOTs.

  • Perfect Pick employs proven iBOT delivery technology to pick and stock inventory simultaneously.
  • Every iBOT has access to 100% of the inventory.
  • iBOTs deliver totes or trays with precise sequencing directly to ergonomically designed picking stations located at one or both ends of the aisle at rates up to 1000 dual cycles per hour.
  • As ultra-capacitor powered iBOTs navigate along a track system integrated within the storage rack, they capture regenerated energy.
  • iBOTs operate on the principle of redundancy, so Perfect Pick has no single point of failure.
  • Programmable iBOTs automatically adjust to the height of the worker and tilt for ergonomic picking.

In the market today, there is no shortage of automated picking options. However, Perfect Pick is a standout solution due to its superior throughput, small footprint, and solid reliability.

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